Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Emergency Rooms Are Not Fun

It’s been a pretty exciting week to say the least! We have a car again and this time I get to drive :) It’s a 2014 white Chevy Cruze. Smallest car I've ever driven and its strange being so low on the ground. Also, the pedals are a lot more sensitive, so it was a fun first day, haha. I love it though!
We had our first thunder and lightning storm since I've been here this week and it was really fun. We opened up all of the windows in our apartment to listen to it :)

So on Wednesday night, we got home for dinner and I was opening up a can of chili and sliced my right pinky open. It was really, really deep, so we had to go to the emergency room. My companion was freaking out more than I was, so that was funny. My biggest fear was that she would be driving us, but we got there safely. So I ended up getting a couple stitches. There's a first time for everything, right? We ended up giving my nurse a Book of Mormon. His name was Randall and I just kept thinking of Monster's Inc.! I didn't like being there because everyone else had a much bigger problem than I did and I just felt like I could put a bandaid on my finger and be fine. But I heal fast and I probably could have had the stitches taken out on Sunday, but I'm supposed to go back this Tuesday. From this experience I felt bad that we wasted a few hours of proselyting time. Also, my pride is hurt a little bit because it’s not even a cool story. Why do embarrassing things only happen to me on the mission? Probably so I am more humble...haha

We had transfer meeting on Thursday and it was really special, because we got permission for the entire mission to meet together. We watched Meet the Mormons, which was a really awesome movie. We loved it! They really got some very different people to help and I think it helps explain who we are so well. We are a little strange, but there's more to it than just the rules. Hermana Haubner and I are still here in Little River. Another cool thing this transfer, none of the Spanish speaking sisters got moved this time. President Riggs was announcing the companionships and he says, "Hermanas, I know you are confused at what is happening, but I have a plan." I trust him, so we'll see what his plan will be in 5 1/2 weeks!

That night we were going to go visit our investigator, Ada. We ended up helping her daughter with her homework. Kimberly is 9 and she doesn't speak English. She came from Honduras a few months ago, so we were translating her homework from English to Spanish for her. She is a very smart girl and she loves reading. She reads the Book of Mormon by herself, which is really amazing. What 9 year old do you know that does that? She's amazing. Then we helped them start making decorations for Stephanie's Quincenera on Saturday night.

On Friday we had a Noche de Hispanidad since it is Hispanic awareness month. It was so much fun! Each country was represented by a booth with food and facts and fun stuff like that. The missionaries had our own booth and we had gotten all of the different Books of Mormon in languages spoken in South America (there were 15). The elders made some cookies (they weren't very popular, hahaha), and we made a slideshow with all of the temples there. It turned out pretty well. Then we had a talent show for all of the Hispanic talents. Our investigator, Byron sang 4 songs for it! A lot of the members in the ward don't know that he isn't a member because he is always at church and participating in all activities and classes. We found out on Friday morning that the missionaries were supposed to participate in the show, so our Ward Mission Leader asked us to sing America the Beautiful....haha, for Hispanic awareness. We thought that was really funny. I mean, we are all Americans!

There was a baptism on Saturday night and there is a Missionary presentation between the baptism and the next speaker, so they have time to change into dry clothes. Hermana Haubner and I got to do it again and it went so much better. A bunch of the ward members complimented me on my Spanish, because it is so much better than it was the last time we spoke! That made me feel really good.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go with a few of the recent converts to the visitors center at the temple. It was amazing! The temple is beautiful!! It’s so bright and surrounded by trees, so when you go at night it looks like its floating. It was so pretty. They had a Spanish program that we went to and they showed a lot of videos and a lot of missionaries from the North mission sang and spoke. It was really great and we all loved it. On the drive back, Hermano Maldonado asked me to say the Articles of Faith in Spanish, so I tried. I got to 5 and then I couldn't remember it in English, but he thought I said toro(bull) when I had said todo(all) and he was laughing so hard! I just went with it, but I know he's going to tease me for it for a long time, haha.

We had training for driving again yesterday. It was so much fun! Last time we went for Hermana Haubner, but since I'm driving, I got to do it. So I got to get up to 40 MPH in the parking lot and then slam on the brakes. We stopped in about a car length and a half. It was so great. Last time I was so nervous because I wasn't the one driving. The "technology specialists" for our mission filmed parts of it...including my run through the part where we had to steer into a box. Then I got interviewed and they will be sending the video to Salt Lake! How cool is that?

That's all I got for this week, but it was great and I learned a lot. Sometimes things happen that affect your effectiveness, but if you keep going things will get better and you will be blessed! Love you!


Hermana Moberly :)

Spanish South Zone
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After the Stitches

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