Monday, September 28, 2015


This has been one of the best weeks of my life! As you can see from the title, Marisabel is finally getting baptized!! She has been an investigator since she was 13, and today is her 16th birthday. So on Saturday morning we were in our weekly correlation meeting and our ward mission leader walks in and puts his phone on speaker, and this is what we here, "Hey guys, I have some good news!" And the longest pause of my life. My first thought was that she was going to have permission to be baptized and I started freaking out a little bit, but I thought more and decided that couldn't be it because her parents would never let her get baptized. And then she says, "I'm getting baptized!" And I lost it! I have never in my life been so happy for another human being. I came so close to tears. I don't know anyone else who deserves this more than Marisabel. She has been more active and involved in the church than most members. I wish I could share with you all that I have been feeling and experiencing the last few days, but there are no words. I don't think I've ever even been that happy and excited for even myself. She is an amazing young woman and she is finally going to experience a complete remission of her sins and the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. She is so
The rest of the things that have happened this week have been pretty miraculous as well. I love recognizing the modern miracles in everyday life. It's something that I didn't look for before, but now that I'm searching, I'm finding them everywhere! We found new solid investigators this week, Cindy, Ariel, Mayra, Valentina, Manuel, and Leticia. I think it's funny that when we plan to find new investigators we hardly ever find them, but when we just stop and talk to people between appointments or other things we find people who are sincerely interested.
We had a lot of members come out to work with us during the week and that helped a ton in the progress of our investigators. They get to see the gospel in action instead of just seeing two young girls that probably don't know what they're talking about, or that don't understand what these people are going through. Sometimes it's true that we don't understand what they are going through. That happened this week and I felt totally unqualified to be the person there to help this family. But I stopped and thought a little more about it. I am young. I don't have a lot of life experience. I have no idea what this person is feeling. I have no idea how to help, but I know someone who can. He has experienced it all and more. He knows how they feel. He knows how to help. All I have to do is help the people know who He is and access the help that He can give them. My job is not that hard, but it's hard to see when they don't accept the divine help that we can get through the atonement. The divine help that we can access completely through the ordinances of the gospel. I am so blessed to be this tool in God's hands to help them live happier and prepare to live happy forever.

I love Bella Vista and I never want to leave this place. The people I am meeting have such a special place in my heart and I've learned so much from them, and from working with them. This work is the best thing in my life. I've never experienced so many powerful emotions and I don't know if I ever will again. Reflecting on my mission is great because I can see how many things have changed and become better. It makes me sad thinking about how little time I have left here, but I'm ready to work as hard as I can for whatever remains. I'm so grateful for all of your prayers and support, remember that I pray for you as well. If you haven't had any missionary experiences either recently or ever, please try it! It's the best thing in the world! Love you all! Have a great week. Report back any cool experiences that you have :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

Me and Hna Tate

Karen, Hna Tate, and Me

Out on Pday for Hna Tate's Birthday

Monday, September 21, 2015

McLean Zone Supers

September 21, 2015
Transfer week. I didn't get transferred :) so I get another 6 weeks in the Bella Vista ward, which is super exciting and happy :) The only sad thing is that the other Hermanas in the ward were taken from us and we got another set of elders, so now we are the only Hermanas in the ward with three sets of elders. With transfers and everything else that has happened it blows my mind that I'm sitting down to email
again. It always surprises me, but then I think about everything that we have done this week and I'm amazed.
Monday was a pretty strange day. We went to Cafe Rio with Eder, which was awesome and delicious. He is amazing and every time I talk to him I forget that he was only just baptized in March, right before I got to this area. He's progressing so fast in his knowledge of the gospel and I love hearing more of his life's story when we see him. He's amazing! After that we had a FHE at a member's house. 3 of our investigators were supposed to come, but none of them showed up. We couldn't leave because it had already started and we just assumed that they were late, so that was pretty disappointing.
Tuesday we had the best Spanish Forum that I have ever been to. Me and my companion got to do a little bit of training on missionary work in general, so we talked mainly about key indicators and being a successful missionary. We also talked about how because our mission is close and all the missionaries are really close together, that we need to be focused on the work and the area, not the friends and missionaries. It went pretty well! The Zone leaders talked about obedience and the other sister training leaders talked about gossip. The difference during this Spanish Forum was that instead of just realizing the things that we were doing wrong or could do better, we were all really inspired to improve and that we could make those changes.
That night we found out all transfer information. We got a list of all the missionaries, where they are going, who their companions will be and everything. It was a great change. We found out that I was staying in Bella Vista another transfer so we celebrated with Marisabel and got some McDonald's French fries :)
Wednesday we learned how to make milanesa, which is absolutely delicious and probably my favorite Hispanic food. Our less active taught us and we got to know her a lot better that night. It was super fun! We also went to look for one of the youth and on accident taught one of the elder's investigators :) haha, oops!
Thursday was great because we had a really good dinner with Hermana Reynolds and then had a great lesson with the Maltez family (Sindi and her mom and sister). Hermana Salazar came with us and now she is Sindi's ride to most activities! And because Sindi's mom knows her it's even better! On our way out I saw the biggest spider that I have ever seen in my life on the stairs. It wasn't moving and I had to pass
it. Hermana Salazar was at the top of the steps telling me to run, so I did. When I looked back, there were two men laughing at me. We told them that there was a spider and as we were walking to the car we heard one of them gasp when they went to look at it, which made me feel a little bit better about myself :)
Friday was supposed to be weekly planning, but because we had transfers the day before our area book app was having issues. In the transfer process we were renamed Bella Vista C instead of B, so we got the wrong area book and all of the info that we needed was gone. That made things pretty difficult because we didn't have addresses,
scheduled appointments, names, numbers, or anything. It was finally fixed on Sunday morning, so now we are good!

Sunday we had a baptism in the ward and it was great because three of our investigators were able to attend and see it :) then we had a lesson with Angel's cousin which went really well. She has been praying about getting baptized and she is so close already. We made a goal this week to see 8 baptisms this transfer, so please pray for the
following names so they can get there soon: Cesar, Xiomara, Teresa, Dennis, Ingris, Marifer, Sindi, Norma, and Brenda. Love you all! Miracles happen through prayer! Have a great week :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

Transfer Week With Only 3 Left

September 14, 2015
The time gets shorter and shorter and I don't understand how! It feels like I emailed you two days ago, even though so much has happened!
Monday was a great day last week. After emailing home to you all we had a nice little lesson with Sindi and then made our way over to a noche de hogar. Sindi is so adorable! She has been reading through the Book of Mormon really fast and loving it all. It's pretty amazing to see that because at the beginning she was so afraid to read it because
she thought it would go against what the bible says. But now that she knows, she has been spending a lot more time reading the Book of Mormon because it really supports everything in the bible. It's so great. Then Denis came to the noche de hogar, which was really cool.
We made a little title of liberty for those who were there and talked about all of the things that we are fighting for in this life because it's important to us.
Tuesday we had another lesson with Denis, but this time it was just me and Hermana McMillan. It ended up being really helpful because he told us a lot of things that we didn't know before, a lot of doubts that he had. He's going to be awesome because he is super sensitive to the spirit and knows what he needs to do.
Wednesday was probably the hottest day yet. I don't think it was really that hot, but the humidity made it 10 times worse. But it was pretty great because people let us in and gave us a lot of water :) that night we had a lesson with Eder, who is still going strong. He was baptized back in March and he has made so many changes, but he makes it look easy. On the way out I told him to drive safe and he says to me, "I can't make any promises!"
Thursday night I ended up staying in with Hermana Brown. Hermana Tate got better after 8 days and was going crazy in the house, so she went out with my companion while I watch videos on gospel library and Hna Brown slept.
Friday we got to visit with Brenda, our investigator of two years. We had a really cool lesson with her and it was totally guided by the spirit. She just keeps working harder and harder to get things in order so that she can be baptized. After that we went looking for new
investigators and found an amazing woman named Teresa. She is from Honduras and is so prepared. She committed to be baptized in the first lesson and we taught her the Restoration. She is going to be so incredible and I can't wait to tell you more about her next week!
Saturday we had correlation, which was pretty cool because I didn't realize how many progressing investigators we have and how many people we are working with. It was cool to reflect a little bit on what we have been able to accomplish in the time that I have been here.
Going into this week I am a little bit nervous that I will be getting transferred, even though I don't want to leave this ward yet, but I know that I will go where the Lord needs me to help whoever He wants me to help.
Later that day we taught our new investigator, Cesar, and he is now on date to get baptized on November 29, which is pretty far away. As we go on he will realize how much he knows and most likely move the date a little bit closer. But he knows it's true!
Saturday night was probably one of the days that I have stressed most in my life. I stressed for about 4 hours straight and I was exhausted. We were supposed to leave for the temple at 6pm and everything was all organized and perfect. Then we got to our investigator's house and only Denis could come. That meant that there wasn't going to be a
woman in the car, so we had to find someone over 18 to come with us. Also, earlier we had found someone willing to lend us a car seat, but then last minute it didn't work out, so we were running around to get a different one. We finally got one and then didn't use it. It took a while, but we found a woman to come with us, so we drove 20 minutes to her house and then left Arlington around 7:15. We needed to get to the temple at 7:50 in order to watch the movie that we wanted to, but our driver drove us far into DC on accident while trying to figure out his GPS, which he then didn't listen to. So we got to the temple at 8:15 after an hour long drive where I was scared for all of our lives the entire time and was trying to avoid being sick. But we finally got there and had to change all of our plans and teach a last minute lesson. But in the end it worked out very well because the spirit was super strong and Denis opened up even more and he realized the power of the Atonement is greater than he ever thought. We left the temple at 9:10ish (we are supposed to be home at 9:30). But we had to stop for gas and our driver once again refused to listen to the GPS thinking the way he was going was faster. Getting home from the temple takes about 30 minutes, but we got back to Arlington at 10:10ish and then had to drive back home. I spent this whole time with Hermana Tate, because my companion wasn't feeling well and it was better for her to stay home. So that night we got home around 10:35. And that is why I stressed for four hours straight. And I didn't have time to eat dinner that day.
Sunday made it all worth it because it was the best day I have had at church for a long time. Sindi came for the whole time and we had a few other investigators there, so it was pretty cool. The missionaries also sang a musical number, so that was fun too.

So I had a pretty great week and I'm so grateful for all of the things that happen, good or not so good, because they help us become who we need to be. Hopefully you can all remember that this week. No matter what happens, it is a part of God's plan and all losses will be made up. Love you all! Please pray that I don't get transferred! :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

La MaldiciĆ³n de Bella Vista

September 7, 2015
The curse of Bella Vista is striking again! We have 4 Hermanas in our ward and all of us have been hit by something this week. Remember the six day sickness that we had a couple weeks ago? Hermana Tate got that again. My companion was out for a day, and Hermana Brown is next. I've been feeling on the verge of getting sick again, so hopefully that doesn't happen. The Elders seem to be doing just fine, so that's good! Only two of them have gotten sick in the last 4 weeks. I can't tell you how weird it is two know that this transfer is almost over. I remember when I used to say I have 4 transfers left, but it's just going down way too fast!
Despite the curse in this ward, we are still working as hard as we can. This week we picked up a new investigator! Her name is Xiomara and she is from Peru. She will only be here until January, but her cousin who she's here to visit is a member of the Sudley ward. She's
super awesome. She's been to church before, and she knows a bunch of missionaries and dated a Mormon once until he went on his mission. So basically, we just have to teach her the lessons and she is going to be baptized soon :) so we are so excited for that! She is so excited
for us to come over and teach her more.
On Monday night we had a family home evening at Bishop's house and Sindi got to come with us! She had her 14th birthday on Sunday and we got to celebrate a little bit with her. Things are looking good. She's getting closer to being baptized, she just keeps talking to her mom about it :) At one point during the night, Obispo was talking to her about the high schools and their mascots and he got talking about highlanders and how he didn't understand why that was a mascot and that it was weird....and then he asked the missionaries what their
high school mascots were and we got a good laugh when I mentioned that I was a Royal Highlander :).
We went on a couple mini exchanges this week. Hermana Brown is going home at the end of the transfer, but her companion has been pretty sick and unable to work for a bit, so one night we left our companions to take care of each other and we went out and worked all night and it was so fun! We wanted to make sure that in the last few weeks she doesn't feel left out and like she could have done more with her companion being unable to do anything. The next time we did it, I stayed home with Hermana Tate because I wasn't feeling too good. Good
news, we are all feeling a little bit better today!
MLC this week was amazing as usual. President Huntsman is an amazing man and I learn so much from him. That day we could really see how much he cares about us because he was making sure to tell us he wanted more contact with each set of zone leaders and sister training leaders because he wants to know the missionaries better and what they need. He has so much love for us already and he inspires us all!
On Saturday we attempted another sports activity like the one that we had a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't announced due to stake conference, so it ended up being more like a correlation meeting between missionaries and the ward mission leaders. But it was fun while we were there for 30 minutes!
That night we finally found a less active that we have been looking for for a long time. It was a miracle because she came to church yesterday and we are planning to teach her son Anthony and then baptize him in a few weeks. He has been 8 for a few months now, he
just needs to come to church!
A couple more funny things. One night this week I was out with Hermana Brown and I asked her, "Can you believe tomorrow's already Thursday?" And she says, "No, because tomorrow is Friday." Also, we were on the phone with the elders and before they hung up, Elder Porter said, "Feel better, it's a commandment!"

I hope you all have a great week! Please continue to pray for my investigators! Some are so close to making the first covenant with God, they just need a little bit more help. Pray is so powerful and it can make the difference. Just like the experience that Alma the younger had. The angel appeared to him because of the prayers of the righteous members of the church. Love you!

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

September is Coming

August 31, 2015
Time keeps flying, my Spanish keeps getting better, and my English keeps getting worse. I think it would be safe to say that I speak fluent Spanglish. It’s a bit of a struggle, haha. This week has been the fastest of my mission.
Last week we went to the Zoo in DC, so that was pretty cool, but it was really hot! I think I'm finally getting a bit of my tan back though, so that's good :) We ran into a few members when we were there and it was fun to stop and talk to them!
That night we went to dinner with a family in the ward and the whole time they were telling us to not get married until we were at least 28 years old, haha. They are really funny and very strong in their beliefs, now we just need to get them to share the gospel with their friends like that!
Sindi and family are doing well! They came to stake conference yesterday, which was amazing! Sindi continues to grow and see changes in her life, but her mom isn't seeing it as much. It’s so frustrating that that is the only thing keeping her from baptism :(
We met with Angel again for the first time in a while and he's doing alright. He's just seeing a lot of temptations and going through some hard things, which is normal for after baptism. We recently started teaching his cousin, Marifer, who is married to a member in the English ward. It’s strange because she hardly speaks English and he speaks zero Spanish. Not quite sure how it works, but it has for 3 years. We talked to her about eternal marriage and that is one of her goals, so we are going to teach her and get her there as soon as possible :)
Denis and family also are doing really well! We have had a lot of really good and spiritual lessons with them. They have been coming to church and Denis has now been to two baptisms and his wife to one. They are getting really close to being baptized and they already have a lot of friends that are fellowshipping them in the ward, which makes the process go twice as fast!
One reason that this week went so fast is because we went on double exchanges. On Wednesday afternoon I went over to Springlake with Hermana DeBry while Hermana Peabody came here. Then the next day at noon we switched companions and went straight to meet Hermanas Mugleston and Mensinger, and I went there. I didn't get back to Bella Vista until Friday afternoon. It was pretty awesome because somehow I made it through the whole time without a problem! We had some fun experiences and saw some miracles. When I was with Hermana Mugleston we knocked on a door and an Arabic family let us in and gave us three different drinks and didn't exactly understand our English. It was weird because we ended with a prayer and they asked us to face east and wanted us to come back really soon. I felt pretty lost when we were in there because I had no idea how to teach these people. I am so grateful that I get to be in the Spanish program and teach Hispanics. I feel like I know them lot better :) I think I've turned a little bit Hispanic in this short time that I have had with them. I found myself saying certain phrases in Spanish today at our zone activity because I'm not used to people not understanding me.
This Saturday was another busy day (no surprise there) because we moved all of Bella Vista's stuff to a different building. This last week we added another English ward to the McLean Stake, so we got kicked out of the stake center, and starting this week we will be meeting in a different building. It’s pretty fun! The building has two stories and it’s really interesting, but it is pretty small, so hopefully we will all fit! But this change is exciting :)
My testimony just keeps growing more and more every week. I love seeing the things that happen because of the work that we do. Our investigators have been progressing a lot recently and there should be a lot of baptisms in the near future. I think one of my favorite things in the mission is that even when we work hard and may not teach very many lessons I still know that the Lord is proud of me and I am doing what he wants me to do. And I now that is what I want for the rest of my life! So I invite you all to do that as well. Just do your best and let the grace of the Atonement help you. And even then if you don't accomplish what you want, you can be happy because you did what God wanted you to :) Love you all! Have a great week :)


 Hermana Moberly

August 24, 2015 McLean VA

August 24, 2015
We have had so many meetings recently, I feel like I spend most of my time in the church buildings! This week was Zone Conference and we learned a lot. What we focused on most this time was on working with the members of the ward. It was awesome! We even got to do a little bit of training for everyone else! We trained on having an effective member present lesson , involving how to prepare them, who to bring, and how to make sure to always have a member there. It turned out really well and it was an awesome discussion that was super revelatory for everyone. It's probably one of the biggest differences between English and Spanish, so we shared a lot of ideas. One thing that President Huntsman shared blew all of our minds. Did you all know that it talks about member present lessons in the Book of Mormon? Alma's ministry among the same people as Abinadi is so much more effective because he came from among the people. Alma didn't have very much success in Ammonihah until he started teaching with Amulek, one of the members from the city. And finally, Lamoni helped Ammon get in to all of the doors that he wouldn't have been able to enter alone. The members are so important! It’s like a catalyst for the missionary work.
I went on an exchange this week with Hermana Brown! We just moved the areas around again, so these Hermanas went back to where they were working before, but with almost zero investigators, so we spent the day knocking on doors. We were able to talk to a few people, but they all tried running away, so they were very short gospel conversations. But we left them with our number and a Restoration folleto and we wrote down their addresses so that we could come back. It was pretty fun, even if there weren't many lessons taught.
We went to the Visitor's Center one night this week with Adan! It was pretty good, the lesson went alright, but the spirit was strong at the temple and we had really good conversations in the car on the way there and on the way home. We might be dropping him this week though because he isn't keeping any commitments, which is really sad. But that may help him realize the difference the gospel can have in someone's life.
Things are progressing with Sindi! She is super awesome :) She is living with real intent. This last week we taught the Word of Wisdom and she sent us a text asking if a certain kind of tea was good or bad because she didn't want to drink it if it was against the commandment. She is so great. She learns everything super fast and remembers it and puts it into practice. Now we just have to help her parents see her progress and be confident that she is ready to be baptized like she wants to! Please pray for her! Also for Angel. Satan is working hard with him right now. It’s a really big change in his life and it’s been a hard adjustment, but he is trying!
We had lesson with a family on Thursday night. It started off with just one man in the house, but when we left we taught about 6 people. The spirit was so strong and almost all of them were feeling and agreeing with the message of the Restoration. It was so cool, and it happened mainly due to the fact that Gerardo and Katie (two members from Bella Vista) were there with us. It was so cool!
Saturday was one of the best days of my mission! It was so much fun! We had a ward sports activity were we played volleyball and soccer. We had a ton of people there and we got to play for a few hours. It helped the ward get to know us because we had a missionaries vs ward game (naturally we won) and there were lots of non-members as well.
Sunday we had a baptism where the Spirit was so strong and there weren't enough chairs or space for everyone that came. But Rolando, from Little River came and I was so happy so it just topped off my day. Then we went to a member's house for Chimichurris, which are the Argentine form of hot dogs and they were delicious.
Summary of the week, good food, lots of Spiritual experiences for everyone, lots of love, and time is going way too fast. Love you all!


 Hermana Moberly

Back to School

August 17, 2015
I remember last year I was super shocked when I found out that school was starting for my siblings, and here we are again! Happy first day of school to all of you that start today. And I'm sorry that you aren't able to have my job right now!
So this week was a pretty crazy one. We started it off with MLC all day on Tuesday. It was pretty cool. In the morning we talked about changes that are going to be made in the mission. The first thing that we talked about was transfer meetings, and that one will be a big change, because we won't be having one anymore. That was the most boring part of the meeting, but it was really cool to hear everyone's opinions and see what really happens before the mission presidents make big changes. Then we had lunch and got some training afterwards. The spirit was definitely there because everything that they talked about was geared towards things that our hermanas need right now. So after that, the other Hermana Training Leaders and us decided to have an Hermana Training to talk about some things. It’s going to be so good because it will help us be more united and fix some of the problems that we can see.
We had exchanges this week with the Sudley Hermanas, so Hermana Moleli came to me and Hermana McMillan went to Hermana Riddle. It was the best exchange that I have had on my mission by far. It was so cool, because I felt really in tune with the Spirit. There were some worries that she had and a lot of things going on in her life that she opened up and told me and I was able to help her out with them. I love being able to see the difference that I can make in people's lives and that was one of the things that I saw this week. It was amazing the difference in her before the exchange and after. It helped us both realize that the Spirit leads us in everything we do as missionaries. We planned the exchange for Wednesday to Thursday and we were supposed to have a meeting, but I felt like we needed to do the exchange anyways. Hna Moleli told me that at the beginning she didn't think she needed the exchange but that afterwards she saw how necessary it is. Sometimes I get worried that I am not following the Spirit, but then things like this happen and I just realize that after all this time I am so used to following the promptings that I receive that it feels normal. I don't want that to ever change. I want it to always be that easy to follow God's will.
That wasn't the only time this week that I got to see the effect I can have on others. Maybe I can't always see it so much in the people that I am teaching, but this week I got an email from a friend telling me about how much have been able to help him. It was amazing to take a step back and see what I am doing for others. It is my favorite thing to see the blessings of what I am doing, and if I am helping others come closer unto Christ I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary, and that's all I could ask for!
Sorry this email is shorter than usual, we have been super busy lately! That's a good thing, but my thoughts are all over the place. I hope that you all have a great week and strive to follow the promptings of the Spirit, because you will see the effects :) Love you!


 Hermana Moberly

Transfers in Bella Vista

August 10, 2015
What a week I have had! I'm sure most of you saw my pictures on my iCloud album :) So as you can see a ton of things happened! First of all, we ate Chick-fil-a two days in a row and we should be going again tonight. I think I am addicted to it! We went once with Karen and once with Angel. Speaking of Angel, HE GOT CONFIRMED SUNDAY AND IS OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH! I'm so excited and happy for him! He is going to be a great member and we're going to start using him as a member present as soon as we can :)
We had Spanish Forum on Tuesday, so me and Hermana Christensen trained on Online Proselyting, which was really cool. We found a lot more effective ways to use facebook as a proselyting tool and how to not waste time on it. We were trained by the Spanish zone leaders on finding joy in the missionary work, and by the other sister training leaders on member work. So overall it was a review of what we have been working on the last few transfers and just reminding us of how we can do it better. Since Hna Christensen and I were still getting over being sick, we got home and passed out for a while because we were so dead. I guess you can't just get back to working 100% right after being sick for a week.
Wednesday we spent the day teaching little lessons and taking Hna Christensen to say goodbye to a bunch of investigators and members that we have grown really close to. It was kind of sad and just made me realize that I don't want to leave Bella Vista ever!
Thursday was transfer day and I lost Hermana Christensen to Hermana Pettit, but my companion now is Hermana McMillan, who was also my companion in the MTC, so it’s been super fun for the last few days. One of my favorite things is being able to see how much we have really learned and grown over the last year. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the changes that we have gone through, but being together now helps us see them so clearly and I love it. It motivates me to continue to be better for the little time I have left. I know it’s going to pass by fast and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Also, we had some more changes in the ward! So my first transfer we had 8 missionaries, two sets of elders and two of hermanas. So we set up the areas and figured out where everyone was serving. Then my second transfer here we lost a set of elders, and split the ward into 3, one for each companionship. This transfer we got that set of elders back and now we have gone back to the original set up and areas. So it has been an adventure. But there were two new elders that came in and both of them are here in Bella Vista and it’s so nice! We have some new elders who are so excited to work and baptize, so it will be refreshing for our old district. Two of the missionaries are going home at the end of this transfer.
Thursday night was a miracle night. Hna McMillan and I were so excited to be together and so unified and we had some awesome lessons. We saw a miracle because we went to this house to contact a referral and found him home at a time that he is usually never home. It was really cool because we talked a lot and he asked a bunch of questions and the spirit was so powerful and really guided the lesson. We also talked to Sindi's mom and found out what she wants in order for Sindi to be baptized, which is for us to teach all of the lessons, her to pass the baptismal interview, and to receive an answer from God that she needs to be baptized on a specific day. That is totally possible and very soon! God's plan is perfect and it will happen when it needs to, but we are going to do everything that we can to get it done soon. The blessings are so real!
We had the opportunity to go to a baptism last night, and we almost didn't go. But it was a good thing because we ended up performing a musical number. And one of our investigators showed up because he couldn't come to church. It was awesome to see how he started progressing and it was a miracle that we were able to start teaching him in the house of another investigator.
Saturday was a super busy day! We had meetings all morning until 1 o'clock. Because a woman in the ward had bed bugs, we had to help her on Friday move everything 3 feet away from the walls and put all of their things in bags and empty the closets. So Friday we spent 4 hours doing that and ran out of time for weekly planning. So on Saturday after our meetings we did weekly planning. Then we went to the Nationals game!! It was so much fun and really weird at the same time. There was so much music that I didn't know and SO many missionaries. Both of the Washington DC missions were there, so there were about 400 of us.
So this week was crazy, but I have gotten really good at finding joy in the work! I'm loving every minute and I love being busy. Life isn't easy, but it’s not supposed to be. If it was easy we would never grow. I hope all of you can go through your week and think about that. Even if things are hard, it’s better for you than if things were easy. LOVE YOU!


 Hermana Moberly

An Interesting One for Sure

August 3, 2015
So this week has not been the most eventful, so this email is going to be really short, sorry. On Sunday afternoon last week I started to feel a little sick, but went out and did stuff anyways. Monday morning was a little rough, but Monday night we got a little worse. We ended up staying home all morning on Tuesday. We tried to go out and teach a lesson to Axel, one of our recent converts, but it was really short and we went back home for the rest of the night. On Wednesday we had to stay home in the morning and afternoon, but that night we went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with a different recent convert, Eder. It was fun, but we were still feeling pretty weak. Thursday we stayed home again. That day we tried to leave the apartment to get stuff from Safeway, but we didn't last very long at all and we went back home. Friday we stayed home again, but taught a lesson to Angel and got everything ready for his baptism. Saturday we had a correlation meeting with Bishop and it was the first day we were feeling a bit better, so we organized stuff for Angel's baptism and ate dinner with Hermana Cordoba, she gave us soup :) Then it was Sunday and we had a baptism!!! Angel finally did it! He was baptized and he will be confirmed in church next Sunday! It was adorable because he was so happy...even if it doesn't look like it in the pictures. Most Hispanics don't smile in the pictures we take with them :) haha, it was an awesome service and a ton of ward members showed up to support him!
So even though we had our challenges this week, we still saw miracles in two amazing ways! We got a recent convert to the temple and an investigator to baptism. Such a rewarding week!!! I can't even complain about being sick because I'm just so happy to see the way the gospel changes and blesses people's lives. Love you all! Have a great week :)

Love always,

 Hermana Moberly

Hna Christensen, Angel and Me

Angel's Baptism


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