Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Me, Hna Pettit, and Rolando at the Temple
Happy New Year!! What a week we had…and another this week. These holidays are throwing us off a little bit. It almost doesn't even feel like a holiday, we just have to be considerate of other people and their families with all of their parties and stuff. We have had another week of eating and eating and eating. I honestly don't know how I haven't gained any weight, because my morning workouts are horrible. If anyone has any ideas of 30 minute workouts I can do on a third floor apartment, please let me know :) hahaha

On Monday night we had 2 dinner appointments with some members. They all make really good food and they make us eat so much. In each meal I eat more than I ever would have at one time before, but now I do it twice in 2 hours...not that I'm complaining because it’s delicious. I've gotten slower than ever at eating. The members are starting to make fun of me for it! I just like to talk! And a lot of times we have Spanish lessons at the table, so it’s fun.

My family got to meet Jilma on Wednesday (on skype). She is the one who has been receiving the lessons for 6ish years. She is the only one in her family who is not a member of the church. We visited her a couple times this week and each time we learned something new. She thinks she has to read to entire Book of Mormon in order to know that it’s true.  I'm so happy that I know that we don't. It’s like eating cake. We don't have to eat an entire cake to know that it’s yummy, only a little slice, even though all of it is good and we will finish it. There are investigators who absolutely know that it is true without reading it all. The confirmation comes through the Holy Ghost when one is willing
to look for and recognize the answer. We have decided to be a lot more careful when we go over to their house. This time we accidentally drank some black tea because we were told it was herbal...definitely not herbal. That is the second time in about a month that I have broken the Word of Wisdom. Aren't you supposed to be even more obedient as a missionary? I guess Hermana Moberly should extend her mission so she can keep learning ;)

Overall this week has been super awesome and I loved it! We went to the visitor's center a couple times with different investigators and had a blast!

Christmas Eve- such a good day! We were told by president that we should visit members and families during the day and then we could go caroling at night, so we don't interrupt parties. Fun fact, Hispanics celebrate Christmas by staying up until 12 on Christmas Eve and opening their presents and eating a huge different! So on Christmas Eve we visited the Deza family. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but they are really high up there ;) It was also Hno Deza's birthday, so we had to sing with them, and they fed us a meal, then cake, and then arroz con leche. And then we had a dinner appointment. So we went and ate again and met some members in the ward that we didn't know. But Peruvians still eat weird food. A lot of fish, but they cook it in weird ways, so I had something with fish in it, but I'm not exactly sure. Then we were just about bursting and went caroling with some of the English speaking missionaries and had some fun. Then we had a party 2 floors down at a sisters apartment with pizza, presents, and of course a nativity! And guess who I was?! The Donkey :) and the best one yet! I'll send pictures when I get them. It was a fun night and we celebrated Christ's birth a little differently.

Christmas day- We had another Sisters party at a different apartment :) I love parties! Then I had a Mexican Christmas lunch with Hermana Sanchez. Her mom actually lives in Pachuca Mexico, so there is a chance that Curtis knows her, which is pretty cool. Then I went to the Campos' house and I SKYPED WITH MY FAMILY! It was so much fun and for once I didn't cry :) it seems like forever ago already, but one thing I do remember is that I called and they answered, and before I could see them I heard Cory just yell my name :) they talked to Jilma a bit and Hna Campos was saying lots of nice things about me, but I think only Cory understood, hahah. So that lasted for 40 fantastic minutes. We stayed there and visited the family until we went caroling. We went to the Deza's first with the Hermanas, thinking we would meet up with the Elders later, but then they invited us in and we played a joke on the Elders. We told them to carol at the Dezas and that we would meet up later. It took a lot of convincing, but they finally did it. So they started caroling to them and then we came out and clapped for them. I don't think they thought it was as funny as we did, but the Dezas loved it! Then we did some more caroling the rest of the night and we even managed to drag along some of the Deza kids! That was Christmas and I loved it. I didn't feel homesick one bit because I know that I have family here too :)

Friday night we went to the visitor's center with Rolando and it went perfectly. He also came to a baptism on Saturday night and now he is super duper pumped for his own baptism! (Also I got to a familiar face from home and I got a hug from Vasty) He even asked me and Hermana Pettit to make food for it, but then we let him know that he didn't want us to make the food, especially if he didn't want American stuff. But he is set on being baptized on February 15! It’s a set date, and even if I'm not in Little River I won't miss it!

Those were really the highlights of the week, sorry it’s so long. But I'm still loving the mission, it’s going by way too fast, and I love you and miss you all. I hope your Christmas was as good as mine and that your new years will be great! I'll be watching movies again in a few nights. How to Train Your Dragon 2 and another one, but I hope
they're good!

Thanks for all of the letters and emails, it means a lot to me!

Before I finish I want to share some of the things I learned this week. BE ALL IN. This will be our theme as a mission for the first quarter. The word be has a lot of different forms including is and are. What we ARE will always matters most to God. As a missionary we do everything we can to BE what God knows we can be. The word all is an absolute. Everyone has a different amount of all. My all may be less than my companion's all, but that's all that is expected of me. Never compare yourself to others. Being IN is being where you are when you are there. So to be all in, we need to do all we can do and God will make up for the rest. 2 Nephi 25:23- it is by grace that we are saved after all we can do. You cannot be or do all that Christ did, but you can be and do the best that you can.

Foggy Temple Lights and Reflection
If you have the chance, look up the words to the hymn "dear to the heart of the shepherd". It is incredible and now one of my favorites!

I love you and miss you. Thank you for your prayers :) you are incredible, but we can all be better. Change isn't scary, it’s an eternal principle.

If anyone is willing, can you please look up information on David Huntsman and send it to me? He will be our next mission president starting in July.

Sorry again, I'm all over the place, but make this week great and be all in :)

Love always,
Hermana Moberly

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hermana Pettit and I at the DC Temple
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know it isn't until Thursday, but I figured I would say it now so I'm not too late :)  This week brings the celebration of the miracle of Christ's birth, and along with it, as early Christmas presents for me, we have had a week completely full of miracles! 

We found Rolando and I'm pretty sure I mentioned that last week, but there's more now! He is going to be baptized on February 5th. He picked the day himself because it is his birthday and he wants it to be really special. We had a doorstep lesson in the freezing cold twice this week because there aren't ever any women in the house. His mom will be in Bolivia for a while, so that makes things a little harder. But he has wanted to learn so much that he will stand out in the cold with us, even when it is 30 degrees outside. We had a lesson with him on Wednesday night at his house, then watched a Restoration movie on Thursday night, he went to the ward activity on Friday night, and we had another lesson last night. He is golden and ready to be dunked :) We have a lesson with him tonight as well. So different from what happened the last few times that we talked to him! He is ready now!

We saw some miracles with Blanche and Heather as well. They are part of the English program, but we have special permission to teach them because there are only Elders in their area and we found them. We went over on Monday with the Elders that have been working with them and a member of that ward. It was a strange lesson, but it was okay. The Elders said that it was the best and most focused lesson that they had ever had with them, so we will be the ones from now on teaching. They open up much more to other girls :) They have really, really been struggling with money. We went over there on Friday and at first we could tell there was a lot going on and they weren't getting along very well, but they decided to let us in and we just talked and everything changed. The mood was better and by the end everyone was 10 times happier. Then the next day we called President to see if there was anything we could do to help them get the things they needed and there was! There was a family that wanted to donate money to a family in need, and we had just that. So Saturday morning we went and picked up the money from President and got some cupcakes at the store and took it over to them. There were tears and hugs and a special prayer, but the best part was the joy they had. They were so grateful for what happened and I am so grateful that I was a part of it. It was an incredible morning! Then Heather went to church the next morning and it was perfect. She fit right in with the Young Women and can't wait to go back next week!

We had district meeting just like every Tuesday, and as always it was revelatory. It was awkward practice teaching in English, but I learned a lot. We always talk about things that I end up using that night or week while I'm out with investigators. This week I learned about confidence from Elder Walters. It wasn't even really part of what I was teaching, but I needed to hear it. He was asking how comfortable I was teaching in English versus Spanish and a bunch of stuff like that. Then he flat out told me that that didn't matter. All I needed was to have confidence in the Lord, not myself. I can do anything if I rely on the Lord. And I can only do so much, but I need to have confidence that the Lord will do the rest after I do what I can. It was really cool and I needed that for one of the lessons we had that night.

I've been doing some Facebook proselyting, and I was talking to one guy and started trying to teach the first lesson and it turns out that he was already a member of the that was kind of awkward. Then he starts typing in English and tells me his English is better. Fun things happen as a missionary.

On Tuesday I went over to Stephanie's house because her mom wanted to make me chicken soup. Hondurans know how to cook. It was way good, and I got better pretty quick afterwards. It’s a good sign that she cooked for us. She isn't a member and has always liked the Elders better and this was the first time that she cooked for us!

Tuesday was just an awkward day all around. We knocked on a door and some kids looked out the window on the side and ran away from the door screaming about a monster...then their mom came and was apologizing for them and speaking partly English, part Spanish, and part Portuguese. Later on we knocked on a door and a lady from upstairs opened the window and talked to us from the second story while we were outside. I think I now know why RMs are usually awkward. So many awkward things happen as a missionary that it starts to not be awkward and eventually accepted. Live in the awkward, embrace the awkward, become the awkward.

We did exchanges this week and it was the first time that I left Little River! I went over to Arlington and worked in the Old Town ward. It was full of miracles, because exchanges always are, and we got a lot of work done. And then, as a tradition, I made chocolate shakes, Dad's style. It’s happened every time! The next morning we went to the gym there and I was hard core distracted because there was a man watching ESPN and I was trying so hard not to watch it. So hard, let me tell you.

We were outside of a restaurant looking at a menu, and a man comes out and says, "If you come in here, I'll give you free calamari." So we took it. Jokes on him though, we were going to go in anyways :) haha, it was a little Italian place. And I've never had fried squid before, but it was delicious.
We got chick-fil-a again this week :) A member took us there with her boyfriend. I thought they were married, so when I prayed I thanked her and her husband. Then she laughed really hard and explained to me that they weren't that was a little embarrassing.

We had our ward Christmas party. It was supposed to be 7-9, but in the Hispanic world that means 8-11:30. At 9 we were told that all of the missionaries had to stay so that we could sing for them. We were called up to sing 2 Christmas songs. We only had one microphone and 8 missionaries, so Hermana Memmot decides to hold it for us. I felt like I was on a singing show because she kept moving it back and forth between us, so you only heard one voice at a time :) that was rather strange too.

I was in DC last week and some member from Utah came up and talked to us. One of her sons asked me if I had a little brother and if his name was Jake. Apparently they went to EFY together a while ago. His name is Jack Johansen, so Jake, if you remember him he says hi! Then I met a girl name Katherine yesterday from somewhere in California and she asked if I knew a Ryan and Kristal Moberly and says she knows Kristal's family. The Mormon world is very small for white people. It’s definitely not the same with the Spanish speakers.

Sorry my letters are so long, but I wish I could write more. All the things I talk about are important to me, so sorry if they are boring to you. They make my faith grow daily and test my strength. But I know I have the Lord on my side and he won't ever let anything happen that will break me. He is my strength. God has shown us His love by sending His son to suffer. But through that suffering that lasted only a little bit, He is able to help all of us every moment of everyday. I know that this is what He does and He does it because He loves all of us so much. I will never be able to comprehend His love for me, but I know He is always there. Not just for me, but for all of you too. Don't forget the reason for the holiday. It’s the best one there is :)


Hermana Moberly

DC Temple with Christmas Lights
Our little tree and presents.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Pancho Claus

Washington Monument
So, last week I wrote home that I was better from whatever weird sickness thing I had, but I was wrong. I have been sick all week until yesterday, but now my voice is gone. Gone, gone. Sometimes it’s louder if I whisper. That makes it a little harder to talk to people. But the good news is I have more energy now, and I didn't have a problem making people listen!

It’s been a pretty good week, the weather has been super nice, I don't have anything to complain about. Honestly today I sat down and I can't think of anything that happened before Friday, except that we had zone-training on Tuesday which was super awesome. We learned about the importance of teaching with power and having our investigators choose a day when they want to be baptized instead of asking them to prepare and pray for a day that we choose. Also on Monday night we went to the temple visitors center and looked at the lights :) It was freezing, but they look so good!

On Friday we had our annual Christmas Conference with the whole mission and it was super awesome. There was a talent show kind of thing, and we have some hilarious missionaries here in DC South! Two of the Sisters wrote an awesome rap specifically for President and it was on spot. President Burton, the one that I said was kinda weird, read/screamed a spin off of Twas the Night Before Christmas, but it was called Pancho Claus. It was all in Spanglish and had to have been one of the funniest things I have ever seen performed. None of the Missionaries from the English Program understood it, so it was even funnier just seeing their faces. And then of course we had some incredible songs performed and played on many instruments, including the bagpipes! Then we had a devotional given by a man that works with the government and he told us some really interesting stories about crazy things that happened, and accompanied it all with a really strong testimony of how everything works out when we put the Lord first and do all that we can do. I have seen the blessings of this in the last few months. I've dedicated my time to the Lord, and when I do all I can for the work I see miracles every time. This week is a big one. I worked as hard as I could and we found some former investigators that are now ready! We went through or list of investigators, whether we have seen them recently or not and we decided that if they don't answer the door again, this time we will drop them. By this, we found ROLANDO again! This time he will stay for good, I'm sure of it! He went to church yesterday and we will be teaching him in a little less than an hour! It’s incredible!

There always a first for everything, right? Well yesterday, we were sitting in sacrament meeting and Bishop gets up and says that there is a gas leak in the building, so we are only having Sacrament meeting and then we are going to ask everyone to leave the building. So church got canceled yesterday, weird, right? haha

Today, me and my companion went to DC and we went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I'll be sending pictures shortly.

Sorry this is so short, we didn't have any time because we found a we spent some time there :)

Basically things are going very well and we are working hard and this week will be full of miracles. In the scriptures, Christ always gave thanks to God before he performed the miracles, so we should too. Please give thanks for the miracles I will have this week :) Love you!!!

Hermana Moberly

Christmas Conference 

Christmas Conference

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's December!


Christmas is coming, can you believe it? I can't! It doesn't feel like Christmas time, but I've been listening to Josh Groban for months! If you haven't seen the video He is the Gift, go watch it now, it’s the best!

It’s been a pretty good week! We started off with a 1/3 mission training with President on Tuesday, which was incredible. We learned a lot about charity. I learned that charity is not just loving someone, but making every single thing you do an act of love for others. In a way, it’s never thinking about yourself, even when you feel justified to do so. It is a way of living and a gift from God. If you sincerely ask for it, you will receive it, but it won't be easy.

Every single time any words come out of President Riggs' mouth I feel called to repentance, which is good, but hard, haha. Last week in my letter to him I said something about how I felt like we worked really hard during the week, and even though we didn't reach our key indicator goals that I felt good. Then at the training we talked about the importance of those key indicators. So today when I email him I will take back what I said last week. :/

I made a banner for our apartment that says, "Finish Strong--Start Fresh". It’s to remind us that even with the Holidays coming we can't stop working. We can make this time of the year the best part of the year. And then when the New Year starts we don't want to have slacked off and build back up, but we want to continue being as strong as we were and make goals to improve and change. This works perfectly for missionary work, but it works for you in your lives as well! Finish strong and start fresh. Just keep moving forward :)

Our Christmas Tree
We got a package one night this week from Hermana Pettit's friend. We have a couple presents to open every day until Christmas with scriptures that match them. We read the scriptures first and have to guess what it is before opening. We are a really good guessing companionship!

One day when we were in the library, we met a guy named Simon who thought he knew me, but I had never seen him before. He was talking to us about Thanksgiving and said he celebrated Jimmy Hendrix's birthday. Hna Pettit didn't know who he was, so Simon said, "He's like the Joseph Smith of rock and roll!" I laughed SO hard! It was so funny, even though it’s not that accurate, haha

This week I ate cow heart. It was really weird. I'm sure I would have liked it if I hadn't known beforehand what it was. But I had a hard time eating it all. Peruvians eat weird things!

We went over to the Deza's house again. This family is so incredible! They were baptized in June, but you would think they had been members their entire lives. They are super strong and amazing! Hno Deza was telling us about a trial that he is going through in his family. He is the only member, so his siblings are having a hard time with it and it was a whole long thing. And I was there listening, and because I am a baby, I cried. I was so happy that they trusted us enough to tell us this whole story and if I was in the situation I wouldn't know what to do. But it broke my heart that he had to go through something like that though. I know that we were there specifically so that we could hear that story, strengthen the trust and bring more people unto Christ. I am so amazed by the strength of these members and I just love them all!

We went to lunch with the other Hermanas in the ward one day. We went to a house of one of their investigators. It was so extremely awkward. Me and Hermana Pettit were trying so hard to talk to her, but she would give some pretty short answers and then keep eating. The others weren't really making an effort to talk so we ate in silence...easily the most awkward situation I have been in on the mission.

Jilma is going to get baptized when she gets back from Guatemala!!! She is leaving in January and coming back in February and then she will join the church! We are so excited :) It’s been a long time coming, and we still have a while to go, but she's going to do it :) I am seriously so happy!

As a missionary, sometimes you do service activities. The one we got to do this week was for a birthday party. We built some beautiful cakes! They were like wedding status cakes. I was so proud of them. We made tres leches with Hna Soliz from our ward and then decorated them and took them to the church. Driving those things gave me a heart attack. We had one part in the trunk and Hna Pettit was holding one in the passenger seat next to me. I was so scared they were going to move and get ruined, but it was a success! I didn't get to eat any of it, but it sure looked pretty!

We got an MP3 player in the mail from Sister Smith in the Cuillard's ward in Utah and we found "Glorious" by David Archuleta on it and we have been listening to it nonstop since then. It's amazing. Thank you Mama Smith!

Yesterday was a great day, but also the hardest day of the week. It started off perfectly with an ideal lesson about the Plan of Salvation. Then we went to church and that is always great, I just love taking the Santa Cena. During third hour I started not feeling so well, but I had to lead the music at a baptism right after church. It was a great baptismal service and Anael was so happy to get baptized. He is 17 and from Honduras, learning English. Afterwards there was dinner. It was fast Sunday, so normally I would have been super hungry, but I only ate a few bites of salad, so I knew something was wrong. We ended up staying at the chapel until 6:30ish and then went to another 2 lessons. I was just praying the whole time that I would be good enough to teach, so during the lessons I felt great! But when we were driving and when we got home I just had no energy. At 9 last night I had a 99.7 fever, so I went to bed early and tried to sleep it off. When I woke up this morning it slowly went away and I'm fine now. But I wasn't feeling good enough to go to DC yet, but next week I will! Oh, and another miracle from last night, Francisco is going to be baptized on January 24th :)

Ups and downs all week long, but I always know that I am where I am supposed to be. I'm doing my part in the hastening out here and working as hard as I can. I know this is going to be one of the best Christmas's ever because I have the opportunity to be doing the Lord's work. I am beginning to truly understand the meaning of Christmas and how important it is to share what I know. I love you all and will miss being with you, but know that I'm loving where I am :)

Hermana Moberly

PS-A JOKE: Why were the Lamanites knees always sore?
There were too many Nephites (knee fights)
I know my dad will love that one :)

Monday, December 1, 2014


Dear Everyone,
This week went so slow but so fast at the same time! At the beginning of the week we unintentionally broke the word of wisdom, so it started off a little bit different. We got this really good vegetable, fruit drink from some members when we went to teach Jilma. Afterwards when we were talking about how good it was I looked at the ingredients and saw that there was Green Tea in it...oops! But that same night, after we repented, we had a miracle lesson! We went to the Deza's home for dinner and had an idea of what we wanted to share. If you haven't seen the video "He is the Gift" yet, watch it! It’s so good! I also posted it on my facebook page, so you can watch it there (click on the English one). So anyways, we shared that video with them and gave them a bunch of pass along cards to give to their friends. Then we set a date. The Spirit was super strong after the video, so we said a prayer and were thinking of a date. No one in the family wanted to say the date they were thinking out loud, so they made us. But we said December 14 and Hno Deza started crying and the Spirit was there and we had all been thinking of the same date. So on December fourteenth, we are going to teach a lesson in their home! It is going to be a miracle!
We have some investigators, Zeda and Angie. They are a mother and daughter from El Salvador. Zeda really wants us to bring Angie to church with us, but Angie doesn't want to go. So now we are trying to help them both come together and see how important it is. But the father, Arturo promised to come sometime soon and do what he can to get them to go as well. Kind of a strange situation.
We have had quite a few changes with this last transfer. One of those is that we don't have Spanish Zones anymore. We are once again mixed in with all of the English missionaries as well. On the bright side I'm meeting more people than before, but it’s weird having meetings in English. There is a pretty big difference in the Spanish and English programs, but this will be good. I have a zone leader, Elder Walters from La Canada, CA and he says he is related to the Murphy's! This world is so small.
Because we are separated, we had a Spanish Forum last week. It went really well and we got some good training. Some of the things we had learned we used that night and found a new investigator. But one thing I also learned is that Little River is the best district in the mission :) Not by numbers necessarily, but in unity. Our meeting got turned into a vote, because there were problems in other areas about who gets referrals and who visits what members, in or out of their area, if we will have areas at all, and things like that. These were all things that Little River hasn't dealt with because we all just work together and have good communication. It has probably been caused by lack of communication with the other missionaries. When you are working in a ward with 3 other sets of missionaries, you have to talk a lot. But we are unified and I had no idea there were problems like that. On the bright side, when I get transferred, I won't have to learn the hard way :) And by then things will be back to normal!
So this week, it snowed! It was really exciting and kind of scary. Don't worry, I think I can drive in the snow ;) Elder Collins seems to be a bit worried about me, but I'll be fine! I'll just go slow. But really it was fun and I only had one tiny snowball thrown at me.
This week our teaching pool has been growing. As Christmas gets closer, people are more welcoming and want us to share things with them. The downside is that we have a really good first meeting and then they don't always answer the door the next time. We just keep pushing along :) We'll find the prepared ones who are ready now behind some of these doors! It’s a little bit sad when they don't answer the door, but I feel good at the same time because I know that I am doing what the Lord wants me to. I'm helping Him with His work and he will use me to do what I can :)
I found some scriptures this week in the New Testament that have made me think a lot. 1 Corinthians 13:11- "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." The first time I read it I thought it was really funny. I thought of it as a child. Now I just think it’s kind of funny :) I can see how true it is, even just in these last few months. I am putting away childish things and growing and learning every day. I think of where I would be if hadn't chosen to serve a mission, and I don't want to go back. I like who I am now, but I like who I will be in the future even better. This is my time to become more than I was while I walk with the Lord. And then in 2 Timothy 4:7- "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." This is what Paul said at the end of his ministry, and this is what I want to say at the end of my mission (only applying to my time as a full-time missionary). I am fighting and keeping the faith, but there is so much more that I can do. Those are just some of my thoughts right now :)
Hermana Pettit and I have been working on our knocking. President tells us that we should make our knocks intriguing, so the people will want to know who knocks that way. One day we were out knocking doors and Hermana Pettit starts doing a strange knock. When she finished, she looks at me and I can see she's trying not to laugh and just says, "That was SO awkward!" and we had a good laugh. Just in case you didn't know, some knocks really are kind of awkward and we've used them. Also, when it's cold outside it hurts to knock on a door and gloves make it quieter, so Hna Pettit said something about using a golf ball. But when I was cleaning up a little bit at home I found my lucky hockey puck that I got from my dad and we have started using that instead. Its 100% successful so far!
Along with other funny things, I also got asked to be someone's girlfriend this week....that was awkward, because I don't know Spanish, so I just said my purpose and things were weird, but then I hung up. That was a very awkward moment in my life, haha.
For Thanksgiving we had fish for dinner at the Maldonado's and their family from Maryland. I got to sit at the little table that was like the kid's table at our Thanksgiving dinners, except there was only one girl younger than us there. So it was a little table, but for adults as well. Haha, we had some fun and we learned some of the slang words in Guatemala.
Overall the week was great, the work is moving and Christmas has started. I now have added to my imagine dragons pillowcase with a duck dynasty blanket. The collection will grow. Please pray for good weather here and for my investigators and for me and my companion. I can feel all the prayers you have said for me already. Thanks for all you do! I love you and miss you! If you get the chance this week, read "You Matter to Him" by President Uchtdorf, it’s really, really good!

Love always,

Hermana Moberly



Peruvian Family (and Purses ;)