Monday, May 18, 2015

Bella Vista

Sorry, this is going to be really short this week, we have had a super busy day, but mostly because we went and played tennis for a few hours and then completely rearranged our apartment.
So I have been transferred and I am in the Bella Vista ward in McLean Virginia. My new companion is Hermana Christensen and we are already best friends. We always knew that we would be companions at one point and it is finally here. We are the Sister Training Leaders for some of the other Spanish speaking missionaries in this area, which means we will be going on exchanges each week and going to lots of meetings and working really closely with President Riggs.
Thursday was a bittersweet day because I left the Sudley ward and Hermana Peabody, but I will be seeing her for exchanges in the near future.
This new companionship is going to be one of the best that I have had because she and I are on the same exact page. We are making a lot of changes from what the past missionaries did and we are working alongside the Bishop of the ward. I know that we are going to see so many miracles, and we already have seen some. I am so excited and happy that I am right here right now and there is no doubt in my mind that I need to be here.
Last transfer there were only 2 STLs, but this transfer we have 4. I was one of the new ones, but the other is Hermana Pettit, one of my past companions.
I know that this work is of God. He is in charge and I am where I am because He told my mission president that I need to be here. Each week I will be writing about the miracles that we see, so stay tuned. There just isn't enough time right now. I love you and miss you all!

Love always,

Hermana Moberly

Friday, May 15, 2015

Transfer and Sister Training Leader!

Hello Mommy and Papi :) 

I'm over here in Bella Vista as a Sister Training Leader with Hermana Christensen, just like I guessed ;) It's going to be a super fun transfer or two with her and I will be experiencing a lot of firsts! It's my first day of the mission without the twelve week program, with means one hour less in the house than usual. Along with lots of exchanges and meetings and training, but I'm so excited. This is my new address and companion! 

Love you, talk to you on Monday :)

Hermana Moberly
7310 Dartford Dr #9
McLean, VA 22102
Hermana's Christensen and Moberly

The Church Girls

May 11, 2015
           It’s been a pretty nice week :) I got to talk to my family yesterday and that was the best! It kind of feels like a dream, almost like it didn't even happen. That time went by way too fast.
Last week for Pday, we had a little district get together. We ate some sloppy joe's that Elder Randall made for us and then we played some soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. The basketball hoops were so low that I could almost dunk on them, so that was kind of fun :)
On Tuesday we had another mission conference. There is a story in the Bible that I heard of for the first time this week. It’s really the first 7 chapters of Nehemiah. He was an Israelite that was taken out of Jerusalem and served the King of Syria. He asked permission from the king to go back to Jerusalem to build the wall that had been destroyed. So he and a bunch of people went and worked on sections of the wall doing what they could. Despite all the threats they received and the fear that they had, they "had a great work to do so [they] cannot come down." This is the new mission phrase. We are building up the wall of the Washington DC South mission and no matter what happens around us, we will work on our section. Nehemiah and the men built the wall in 52 days, so on June 25th, 52 days after that conference (and a few days before President goes home) we will have another mission conference to see what we have done with that wall. It’s a little story hidden in the Old Testament, but there is so much that we can gain from it.
We are learning to be BOLD in all that we do. And we have already seen the miracles! I am not one who likes to go against the plans we have made the night before, but this week we did. There were a couple people that we had planned to see, but when I woke up that morning I was thing of 2 people specifically. So during the day, we went to go see them when usually we wouldn't find them. But on this day they were home and we finally had some good lessons with them. So that was me practicing being bold and going against the plans.
I have had a couple once in a lifetime experiences this week. The first one was on Thursday. We had just finished dinner with one of the members of the ward and we were walking out to the car. We were joking about getting some ice cream because the ice cream man was down the street. It was a little bit of a walk, but the truck pulls up next to us and the man asks if we spoke Spanish, of course we do. And he asked us if we could give him a copy of the book of Mormon. By this point we were super excited and started talking to him some more. Turns out he is a member of the church, not an investigator, but wanted a copy to read while he was working. So that was pretty weird, but really funny. Then on Saturday night we had a ward party for Mother's day. Of course they asked us, the missionaries, to sing. We don't know why they keep asking, because they don't like it that much, but they keep asking us! Anyways, after all Hispanic ward parties there is a dance, and there was a little 6 year old boy that came up to me and asked if I would go dance with him. It broke my heart that I had to say no to him! He was so adorable and brave and I just felt so bad. I have never wanted to dance so badly in my life until that night. The last one happened right after I Skyped with my family. We were walking out to the car and a two year old girl was running down the sidewalk to "her friend Rachel's house". We didn't see her family anywhere, so we just turned her around and started walking back to where she was coming from. She didn't remember her name or her parents’ names or anything so we just prayed as we walked. Soon enough a man came running towards us and was looking for his little girl. Apparently she escaped from the house, but he was so grateful for what we did. He wanted to pay us, but we wouldn't take it. He mentioned that his wife "used to be Mormon" and that the elders come over every once in a while. So I told him that the way he could pay us back is to listen to the elders the next time they came over. It’s just incredible to me how much our Father in Heaven loves every one of us. He put us there at that time to help this family and maybe this was what they need in order to come back to the church. His plan is perfect and I trust it. He knows what we need and when we need it.
Hna's Peabody, Moberly, and Pettit
I had a happy mothers day yesterday! I got a picture with both of my "daughters". We had a baptism in the ward and Hermana Pettit's companion taught her, so they came back for that. That's about all for this week, the rest I told my family. We have transfers this week, so I might be leaving Sudley on Thursday, but I will find out on Tuesday. If I do get transferred I will email my mom my new address and other information. I love you all and hope your week is as good or even better than mine will be! I know we are going to see so many miracles in the near future, so stay tuned :)

Love always,

 Hermana Moberly

Abby the Escapee

Peruvian Rice Pyramid

Just a 'small' piece of Tres Leches


May 4, 2015
This week has been a fast one. I can't believe it’s already MAY! I don't know how that happened, it feels like it should still be March. 
We have had a few meetings this week. We have district meeting every week, so nothing new there, but we also had a Sisters meeting. All of the sisters in the Washington DC South mission all got together for some lunch and some training :) It was so fun! We brought out our patriarchal blessings and found all of the things we have been blessed with-I never knew how much it said! It was incredible :) So if you have one, go and list all the blessings it states, it’s so cool! Then we had some motivating talks on not having to be perfect and trying our best and being happy with it because the Lord is happy with it. You know, things that most girls need to hear. President Riggs is the best, not even kidding!
That night we went to talk with Martha, our most recent investigator preparing for baptism, but she wasn't there, so we played a little bit of soccer with her kids and taught the rest of the family :) 
The Torres family is doing so well! We met with them on Monday and Wednesday and it went really well! Orlando was asking us some questions about Native Americans and the Amish, so that was kind of weird and we didn't know any of the answers, but we read with them in The Book of Mormon and he loved it. Then on Wednesday he wasn't home, but we talked to his wife and the three little boys. We played the plan of salvation game that I made and they loved it :) They all want to get baptized, but especially the 7 year old, which is sad because he will have to wait until September. They are so cute! At the end when we were praying, one of them said, "I don't need anything from you because I'm happy with everything that I have right now in my life!" and then the youngest one said, "I want a little sister". We were dying because it was so adorable. I love that family so much!
More names to add to the praying list: Reyna and Jackie! They are two young girls (13 and 15) and we taught the entire first lesson about the Restoration. They liked it and committed to read the Book of Mormon and ask if it was true. Rather than most investigators who say they will do it, but you can see in their eyes that they won't, they were sincere and very interested. I am excited about them because they are motivated and want to know more :)
We had 3 investigators promise us that they would come to church this Sunday, but they didn't show up :( That's always really sad. They are progressing in so many ways, but when it comes to going to church they don't want to use that time. I wish that they would understand how important it is, but that testimony only comes when you try it. It’s pretty frustrating, but there isn't much we can do. We can teach them and provide the Spirit to testify to them, but if they don't let it in their heart, nothing comes from it.
We got a new investigator last night because the Salazar family invited a friend over for a Family Night and she should be coming to church this Sunday. The investigators that the members find for us are the ones that progress faster and get baptized. It is so much better than the ones we find on our own. I was listening to a conference talk and one of the apostles was saying that missionaries are called to teach, but often they are spending most of their time finding. The members have the calling to find people to teach so that the missionaries can teach more than they find. Just something to think about ;)
I love this calling that I have. I am so lucky to share the gospel with the people here in this part of the world. I literally cannot think of anything better that I could be doing. I am so lucky! Thank you for all of your prayers, I can feel the strength that they give me. You are all the best and I love and miss you! Please find people for the missionaries to teach :)

Love always,
 Hermana Moberly