Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Almost October

Hola familia y amigos! Como estan?

Happy two months to me last Tuesday! Celebrated with chocolate shakes...again :) Is it going by for you as fast as it is for me? Every Monday I just think, it’s already been a week since I emailed last? It’s crazy! Then I remember all of the things that have happened since then...feels like more than a week. We are just super busy ALL the time.

So a couple times this week we went to teach people and they seem really interested and they know a lot. They seem to know more than most people about the Fall and the things that we should do in this life. Then we bring up baptism and then they tell us that the Jehovah's Witnesses are teaching them and they aren't interested. Its ruining our effectiveness and it makes me sad.

This week, something we saw that inspired us was the difference going to church and reading the scriptures has in our lives. We have a recent convert in our ward, Nancy, that hadn't been to church in a while, but then she decided to go back last week and start reading the Book of Mormon again and everything changed. We can see how much it has blessed her life and the changes that she has the desire to make when she is doing these things. She is amazing. She is only 17 and has been through so many hard things with family and friends. But as she has begun doing the little things, the people who bring her down and the bad habits she has are slowly dropping out of her life. And it’s because she has begun to follow Christ again. She is rediscovering what slowly faded out of her life and it’s amazing.

We had a lesson with our investigator, Jilma this week. She's the one who has had the lessons for years, and it was a miracle. Somehow, I was able to ask inspired questions and understand everything. I even said a lot of things that I don't ever remember learning. The words were put in my mouth for the good of her life. It was an incredible experience and she understood everything I said. I know that it wasn't me talking. The words came out of my mouth, but they weren't mine. It was amazing. I know the Lord is directing this work.
So again this week, 2 times we ended up at the same house as the elders...I'm thinking we need to talk to them a little bit more. We almost always have appointments, so it’s not our fault. But awesome that we have 4 missionaries in a house with that family! Only 2 people that live there are members. One is 9 and the other is 14 and they are great examples.

Shout out to Kari, my Dad and Grammy for sending me letters :) and everyone else that have been emailing me! Love you guys!

I have met people from all over central and South America. Some of the countries are Ecuador, Honduras, Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and so on. We even met a guy from Morocco (but he didn't speak Spanish)!
This week we had a sister's meeting for all of the missionaries in our mission and it was so awesome! We just had an emphasis on being healthy in all ways, physically, spiritually, and mentally. And then we talked about having fun because apparently some missionaries think that missionary work is all serious. It’s a good thing I don't have that problem, I love having fun and I find plenty of ways to do it :)

We have an investigator on date for November 8. His name is Byron, so please pray for him! He is married to a woman still, but she won't get a divorce. He is currently living with a less active and they need to get married before he can be baptized. He's been looking for a lawyer, but it’s been very difficult, so please send some prayers his way. We need them!

Saturday was the most draining day of my life. We went to visit an investigator that we had passed on to the English Elders. We showed the Mormon Message about bullying and we cried and talked about the worth of souls and that meeting just took all of my energy. It turns out that last week, the young woman was being bullied and she tried to take her life.  I was exhausted afterwards, but I got the strength I needed to keep going. The Lord was able to help us know the things we should say and share. Please pray for them as well, their names are Heather and Blanch. After that we went to a baptism for an investigator that Hna Haubner had taught and it started an hour late. Earlier that day he decided he didn't want to be baptized anymore, so it was crazy for the hermanas that were teaching him. Saturday was just crazy for everyone. Because it was so late, we missed most of the Women's session of general conference, but we did make it to President Uchtdorf's talk and he’s always amazing. Heather was able to go as well and it was the perfect message for her to hear. We are children of God and nothing changes that. He loves us perfectly and wants what is best for us.

Also, sad news. Hermana McDonald, the one I was on exchanges with went home this week. She had Lyme’s disease and mono at the same time. She was so strong to keep going through that! I'm happy she is able to be home and recover though.

Hermana McMillan, my companion in the CCM, her boyfriend got his mission call....drumroll please! To the Washington DC South mission English speaking! How insane is that? They are going to be in the same mission! But as Spanish speakers we are very segregated from the English speakers, so it won't be too hard. It could be worse.


We were out knocking doors and two hombres walked by us and at the same time said, "GRINGAS!" so we said, "Si, Somos gringas!" and then we walked really fast to the car :)

On Tuesday I ate an entire box of macaroni and cheese for lunch all by myself. That was pretty cool. I've never done it before, haha

I was showing a recent convert pictures of my family (the 14 year old I mentioned earlier) and she says, "you have an attractive Dad" and I said "thank you?" and laughed

We get so many water bottles every day it’s crazy! I think we have 50 in our apartment now and a ton that we have only had 1/2 of. There are a lot.

A little kid told me I had a big nose. That was fun. Kids are bluntly honest. And then the same kids asked why I have water in my armpits. Kids are just great!

Sometimes at dinner appointments I eat some of Hermana Haubner's food because she can't eat it all. We have to be really sneaky about it, but we are getting really good! Haven't gotten caught yet!

There is an old man in our ward and every time he see's us he says, "Mis angeles!" That's all I understand because his Spanish accent is so different. I just smile and nod while he talks.

We love the video, The Hope of God's Light. I cry every time I watch it. If you haven't seen it, look it up. We share it with all of the teenagers that speak English every chance we get.

Apparently the English speaking sisters are not as friendly as us. We had some of the youth tell us that they like us better because we talk more and hug them. I guess it probably because Spanish speakers are more affectionate, and that's how we are as their missionaries. It was so weird, when we met Sister Nielson, the stake relief society president she just shook our hands instead of kissing us on the cheek. There is a big difference.

Sorry this letter is all over the place, it’s so hard for me to organize my thoughts.
I know that this church is true and I cannot wait until general conference next week. We are going to receive many answers and direction from the living prophet and apostles today. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Don't forget about conference :)


Hermana Moberly

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