Monday, December 15, 2014

Pancho Claus

Washington Monument
So, last week I wrote home that I was better from whatever weird sickness thing I had, but I was wrong. I have been sick all week until yesterday, but now my voice is gone. Gone, gone. Sometimes it’s louder if I whisper. That makes it a little harder to talk to people. But the good news is I have more energy now, and I didn't have a problem making people listen!

It’s been a pretty good week, the weather has been super nice, I don't have anything to complain about. Honestly today I sat down and I can't think of anything that happened before Friday, except that we had zone-training on Tuesday which was super awesome. We learned about the importance of teaching with power and having our investigators choose a day when they want to be baptized instead of asking them to prepare and pray for a day that we choose. Also on Monday night we went to the temple visitors center and looked at the lights :) It was freezing, but they look so good!

On Friday we had our annual Christmas Conference with the whole mission and it was super awesome. There was a talent show kind of thing, and we have some hilarious missionaries here in DC South! Two of the Sisters wrote an awesome rap specifically for President and it was on spot. President Burton, the one that I said was kinda weird, read/screamed a spin off of Twas the Night Before Christmas, but it was called Pancho Claus. It was all in Spanglish and had to have been one of the funniest things I have ever seen performed. None of the Missionaries from the English Program understood it, so it was even funnier just seeing their faces. And then of course we had some incredible songs performed and played on many instruments, including the bagpipes! Then we had a devotional given by a man that works with the government and he told us some really interesting stories about crazy things that happened, and accompanied it all with a really strong testimony of how everything works out when we put the Lord first and do all that we can do. I have seen the blessings of this in the last few months. I've dedicated my time to the Lord, and when I do all I can for the work I see miracles every time. This week is a big one. I worked as hard as I could and we found some former investigators that are now ready! We went through or list of investigators, whether we have seen them recently or not and we decided that if they don't answer the door again, this time we will drop them. By this, we found ROLANDO again! This time he will stay for good, I'm sure of it! He went to church yesterday and we will be teaching him in a little less than an hour! It’s incredible!

There always a first for everything, right? Well yesterday, we were sitting in sacrament meeting and Bishop gets up and says that there is a gas leak in the building, so we are only having Sacrament meeting and then we are going to ask everyone to leave the building. So church got canceled yesterday, weird, right? haha

Today, me and my companion went to DC and we went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I'll be sending pictures shortly.

Sorry this is so short, we didn't have any time because we found a we spent some time there :)

Basically things are going very well and we are working hard and this week will be full of miracles. In the scriptures, Christ always gave thanks to God before he performed the miracles, so we should too. Please give thanks for the miracles I will have this week :) Love you!!!

Hermana Moberly

Christmas Conference 

Christmas Conference

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