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One Year

July 22, 2015 One Year
Pretty crazy, tomorrow marks one year on my mission. I don't know how that happened! My feelings are so mixed! I have loved every second of my mission up until this point, and I know I will love the next 6 months. I'm scared that the time I have left will go too fast, but I know that it is inspired that I am only a missionary for 18 months. I'm so grateful for all of the changes that I have made and the person that I am becoming. The things that I am learning now would have taken so much longer without this concentrated time as a missionary. I was reflecting back on this all today as we sat in the temple. The gospel is perfect and amazing. We will never know it all, but we will also never stop learning.
I have built so many relationships that are different from any others I have had. I meet people and within minutes I love them. The people that I get to teach with my companion, the members, the other hermanas in the mission are friends that I will have forever. I wish there was a word to describe who they are to me! But I guess it's something that is felt that cannot be described.
We had exchanges last week and I got to spend the day in Spring Lake with Hermana Peabody! She is so amazing! It's only been a transfer and a half since I was her companion and she has improved so much in her Spanish and confidence and everything! I am so amazed! That's one thing I love about being a sister training leader, because I get to see all of their improvement! It's so humbling to see how much they change and get better and knowing that if I work harder I can become better too!
Questions are so important in this world. When there aren't questions, learning is very hard. Something that I have noticed this week is that it's important to have questions as a learner, but also as a teacher. When the teacher asks questions they can know what the student needs and what level their understanding is. When the learner has and asks questions, learning increases. I love that I can be both! In the mornings I am a learner as I study for the day. In the afternoon I am both as I share what I have learned and listen to the Spirit testify through my words. It's an incredible thing to experience :) The Spirit guides the conversations and questions that we have so we can help the way they need it!
Angel passed his baptismal interview, so he is completely ready to be baptized, now we are just waiting on the day when he can actually get baptized! It should be this Sunday because he isn't supposed to be working, but his boss likes to change his mind and make him work anyways, so we will see about that. But the good news is that it will happen as soon as he picks the day!
This work is incredible and I am so grateful to be a part of it. There are so many little things that happen each day that amaze me, but since there are so many I don't know where to start. An hour and a half is not enough time to write what I want to, but it is inspired, so I guess his is all you need to know for now! I love you all! Keep working hard and sharing the gospel! Give the missionaries some work to do...they love to work ;) it is called missionary WORK after all!

Love you!

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

DC Temple

DC Temple Again

My compas Quince (15 months)

The Deza Family

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