Monday, July 13, 2015


What a week! It has been so long, but so short! I hope all is well with you wherever you are right now :)
It’s been a crazy day today, so I apologize beforehand for the sad email this will be. Also, I forgot my notes at home, so I will likely forget a lot of what I wanted to say.
Let's start with last Monday! We went to the Temple Visitor's Center with Angel. Our family that we love wasn't able to come, but it was just what Angel needed! We talked about temples and family history and he loved it. He is hilarious and made so many funny comments, the Hermanas that were there teaching him were laughing SO hard! He's a funny guy :) We also taught him the Plan of Salvation again and he loved that as well. Then the next day we ate at Chick-fil-a again and he taught us. We gave him and Dany, a member, our nametags and they taught us as Daniela and Angela :) It was hilarious and he is learning so much! If all goes well, he will be getting baptized this Sunday!
That family is doing well. The two girls are still working towards being baptized on August 1, but now their parents are worried if they will be ready or not. So we are hoping and praying that it will all work out! We know the girls are ready and that they will be blessed for all of this, we just need to help their parents see how important this is for all of them!
We went on exchanges and Hna Mugleston came to me here in Bella Vista and we saw some miracles. At the end of the night we went to check on a former investigator, but they moved and there was a new family living in their house, so we taught a quick summary of the Restoration, and it went so well. Jeny loved it all and invited us back on Saturday. So we went back on Saturday, and she totally forgot. On the bright side, she really is interested and dropped what she was doing so that we could come in and talk to her more. It was pretty amazing, we found out that she has met with missionaries before and has even gone to church with her children! She has been prepared, but now she is very strong in a Catholic church. But we are going to keep going over to help her find out from God what she should do! We are going to help her learn how to receive answers to her prayers and be spiritually strengthened so that she can accept the gospel and ultimately have eternal life. How cool is it that I get to help with that? I love it!
The rest of exchanges went really well. I am always so surprised at how much better these hermanas are than I am! I am so humbled by this calling that I have, and I never knew how much I could love so many people. I am so grateful for the friends that I have made in this mission and that we can build each other up so much! I love seeing their progress in just a few weeks and how we can enjoy every moment as we do this work.
We had MLC this week with President and it was very different from the last one. We talked a lot about the things that are most important to him, which are obedience, and happiness. I think obedience is important to every mission president because they know why. When we are obedient the miracles happen. Obedience come from our love towards the Savior. As a missionary, you have to love the savior or you will hate every minute of this year and a half or two years. With that obedience comes happiness. When missionaries aren't happy, the spirit cannot help us as much. A year and a half would be really long if I wasn't happy!
I'm sure that other things have happened this week, but I can't seem to remember them, so I will leave you with this for now and I will make up for it next week! :)


Hermana Moberly
Hermana Mugleston and Me

Dany and Angel

Giant in a Baby Chair

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