Monday, October 12, 2015

Alright! Today has gone by super fast on top of everything! It's been a pretty fun day! We went up to Great Falls Park with the sisters in our zone and went on a little hike. It was really pretty and we had a fun time!
The week has been just as amazing as the other weeks of my mission :) Sindi is flying through the Book of Mormon. We committed her to read 3 chapters a day. When we saw her on Monday she was in Mosiah 10 and on Thursday she was in Alma 5....that's way more than three a day for those of you who don't know! She's amazing and we love her. Her little sister Liz gets funnier and funnier every time we see her. I have a note that I have written down all of the funny things she says on. Our most recent favorite is when she asked what year we were born in and then asked if that was when Abe Lincoln was alive. Those lessons are always super fun!
We had interviews with President this last week, and we get 15 minutes with him. I seriously thought I was in there for 2 minutes when he said it was time to end. It’s crazy how fast time can go, and I feel like that is how the rest of my mission will feel. And that is a really scary thought.  That night we ate some delicious alfajores, which are a little Peruvian cookie sandwich things, as a member was telling us stories about her conversion and as we planned her son's baptism coming up really soon. After that we had a sweet lesson with Denis and Ingris and the girls. They are progressing little by little. We can see that they want to learn a lot more, but their foundation of their beliefs is a little shaky, so we have to establish that first. It's going to be a bit of a longer process than we thought, but worth it! They are amazing and I'm so happy they are finally opening up to us.
We had exchanges this week and I went to Sudley with Hermana Craner. We had so many miracles!!! First miracle of the night: one of the girls that got baptized in the ward when I was there had fallen off for a little bit and was struggling a lot. She got out of a hospital that day, so we got to go visit her and help her come back. I was so happy to see her after 6 months and it was great to know that she is getting better. Second miracle, we contacted a referral that they received from headquarters and it's a super prepared family! On top of everything I got to know Hermana Craner and she is amazing! I loved her within 5 minutes of being with her. She is super great and has an amazing story. I loved the entire exchange and I know that we both learned a lot :)
We visited one of our recent converts that is young and he was really struggling. He's 15, in high school, and has been struggling recently with his friends. They were friends that he had before becoming a member and they are horrible influences. He kinda stopped hanging out with them for a bit, but got back in with them a little more recently. He basically told us how he was feeling and how he didn't really want to come to church or activities any more, and I just begged him to rethink it. I asked him a bunch of questions about how different his life has been and he realized how much better his life is with the church and by the end he promised that he was going to come back, starting with seminary, church, mutual and other little things. It was a hard lesson, but it was amazing by the end. I know that the spirit was guiding us in the things we were saying and the questions we were asking. Then he went to mutual that night and we made s'mores :)
We had an "Endure to the End" meeting on Friday for all of the missionaries that are going home in the next 3 transfers and that morning it hit me a little harder how soon it really is and how much I still have left to do. It was perfect because it pumped us up to work as hard as we can and establish a culture for the new missionaries.
Sunday was an amazing day here in Bella Vista. We in total had 12 investigators at church! It was incredible! But I loved looking around and seeing all of the missionaries split up sitting with their multiple investigators that had come. And of course the time that we have all those investigators sacrament meeting went 20 minutes over! It was SO long! But the good thing is most of the investigators didn't know that that wasn't normal and weren't waiting for it to end :) haha
The work keeps moving over here and I just love all that is happening. People are coming unto Christ because us as missionaries and the members are getting better at working together and bringing them into the Bella Vista family so that they can't be lost again. God is in charge of this work and we just do what He wants us too. It always works out perfectly according to His plan, maybe not ours. Love you all! Have a great week :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

Great Falls Park 

Great Falls Park Panorama

On the Rocks Great Falls Park

The Sisters! Great Falls Park

More of the Sisters!

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