Monday, October 5, 2015

October Miracles

What a week!! It went by SO fast. It started off great with a lesson with Sindi and her little sister Liz. We read in the picture Book of Mormon with them and it's the cutest because Liz is learning how to read and she likes to guess the words just from the first couple of letters. They are learning a lot and we keep trying to think of ways to help Sindi's parents see that she is ready to be baptized! She already comes to church and mutual every week and reads 3 chapters in the Book of Mormon every day. She is super great! We went to Taco Bamba with Karen that night and talked a lot with her. We all have times in life where we get so many things thrown at us that we think God is saying, "Let’s have this happen and that too and have her figure out how to get through it all". But I think really he is thinking, "I'm going to let this and that happen to her so that she can become more like me and be really happy." Sometimes we don't always see the reasons behind things, but God's plan is perfect and all that happens will only help us in the end.
We had exchanges this week and Hermana Peabody came to me for a day! :) It was so great to be with her again :) I am amazed every time I am with her by how amazing she is and how much better she is becoming. Going through training is hard, and I think especially for those who are white washing. But this Hermana is so incredible and I love her! I think that sometimes I don't show people always how much I love them or how much I appreciate them. She has taught me so much, and even though I am the sister training leader, I always learn from these girls in my stewardship. I'm probably the luckiest missionary in the world to be serving around these amazing people!
On Thursday we had Mission Leadership Counsel, which was amazing as it always is. This time we were talking about how to unify the mission as a whole and what to emphasize as a mission. We decided that it comes down to finding new investigators. When we find new investigators it drives the rest of the process towards baptism. But the best way to get them to baptism is by finding the elect. In order to find those who are prepared we have to be good at finding and we have to have the faith that we will find them. Miracles happen according to the faith that we have. If we don't think we are going to find anyone prepared, we probably won't. But when we are willing to do whatever it takes and follow the spirit we can and will find the right people to teach and eventually baptize, with the main goal being eternal life and eternal families :)
Also, during MLC we were told that a hurricane might be coming and that we should prepare. Sister Huntsman was so cute, she kept saying that she wasn't worried about it, but we could see it in her eyes and just in how much she emphasized that we needed to be prepared. It didn't end up coming, which is good because then we might not have been able to work at all. And with power outages we might have missed some of General Conference.
Friday was a pretty fun day, I'll have to tell you the story at some point when we have some time. Long story short, this one guy REALLY wanted us to come teach him, even though he was 45 minutes late and we had another appointment. But the person we were supposed to see didn't end up being there, so we went back and another guy in the house tried to tell us that we worship the prophet. It amazes me that some people think crazy things and when they realize it isn't right they don't want to hear what we actually believe. It's crazy and pretty sad most of the time. But that was part of that night.
Saturday was Marisabel's baptism between conference sessions :) There were 12 missionaries there and about 5 or 6 returned missionaries that were skyped in. She cried the entire time and the spirit was so strong. We visited her on Sunday night and she told us that she realized she hasn't stopped smiling yet :) she is the best and this coming Sunday she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!
I hope that you all enjoyed conference, I did for sure! I don't know if I have a favorite part or talk, but we have to rewatch Saturday again because we were running all over the building setting things up for the baptism and getting it all organized. But I learned a lot and I have a lot of changes that I want to make so I can be better :) love you all! Have a great week! And if you didn't watch conference, please do!

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly
The Staches

Mission Leadership...Throwback to the Annandale Zone

Me and Marisabel

Hna McMillin, Marisabel and Me

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