Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dos Mas

We had some amazing devotionals this week at the CCM...just like every week! On Tuesday I learned some important things. One, conversion is a process, not a moment. That is good for me to hear because I feel like the investigators should just have one time during the mission where they understand and feel the spirit and that is all. They are converted, but that´s not how it works. We learn little by little. That goes for me as well. I have to know the doctrine of the gospel before I can be a really good teacher. That´s also not going to happen in a moment just because I´m on a mission. It’s something that I have to study everyday and learn for myself. I can´t just expect to have all the answers for my investigators, I have to get a testimony first. That is why we as missionaries have so much time for studying the gospel. It’s a process that will last through the rest of my mission and throughout my life.
Another thing I learned is that we have to always act in faith. That is sometimes how we get answers to our prayers. In the bible, in Joshua 3, the elders carrying the ark had to get their feet wet before they could pass through the river on dry ground. Sometimes we have to do things like this to get answers to our prayers. Es muy importante that we always act in faith. Strengthen you´re faith so that it can get to that point.
Our Sunday devotionals were really awesome too! ''The youth of this generation have a greater capacity for obedience than any other generation''. Isn´t that awesome? I think that is amazing and I hope it gives you more confidence and incentive to be obedient like it has given me :) ''You cannot be who you have the potential to be unless you really do love the Savior''. Peter had a testimony of the gospel, but when Christ died, he went back to fishing. When Christ appeared unto him after he had been resurrected he asked 3 times if Peter loved him. On the third time, Peter finally realized that he loves the Savior more than anything and that was the point in his life where he became the Great Apostle that we know of. We have the ability to be enhanced by our love of the Savior. When we really, truly love Him, we are given power to preach and serve and be an example. Strengthen that love you have for the Lord everyday by praying and reading you´re scriptures. It is amazing what we have the ability to do.
That night we watched a restoration video that I have never seen before all the way through, just parts of it and it was so good! I had the Spirit testify to me so strongly during one part of the film. Joseph´s older brother, Alvin had died before the church was established and they didn´t know if he would be saved because he wasn´t baptized. They were told by many ministers that he was lost forever. But then Joseph received the revelation from God that those who have died without the gospel, who would have accepted it on this earth would have a chance to accept it in heaven. I was filled with the spirit so strongly in that scene and I know it is true. The people who have died without the gospel do have that chance to receive it in the next life.
Good news! I´ve started teaching my lessons in Spanish without my notebook full of sentences to say. I´ve narrowed it down to bullet points in English that I can expound on and teach about in Spanish. My companion struggles a little bit more than I do, but she is improving so much and our lessons have gotten so much better :) It’s amazing! We have been teaching about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity and that is a difficult subject to teach in English, but we have been managing with the help of the Spirit in our lessons to say the things that need to be said. 
Now I have some sad news. Elder Ballard went home this week because there were some things that he didn´t fix and repent of before he came out. We didn´t get to say goodbye to him or anything, but we do know that he has full intention of coming back out as soon as he can. Also, Hermana Judd left yesterday for her mission and I won´t be seeing her again until I´m back at BYU. But it was such a tender mercy for me so be with her the last four weeks and she is going to be an amazing missionary. 
Now for some funny stuff! I haven´t seen the movie Warm Bodies, but from what the other Hermanas and I were talking about, this seems pretty acurate. So I guess in the movie this zombie falls in love with a human and grows his heart back. The part that is like us, is that during the movie you can hear his thoughts and they are just as fast as any other human. But then when he talks its super slow and not really in full sentences. So that is how we are trying to learn Spanish. We know exactly what we want to say and how to say it, but it comes out super duper slow and not very good grammatically. Accurate. Also, last week I mentioned we were going to have a fast from English...It only lasted for about 6 hours and by the end of the day we couldn´t find the words in Spanish that we needed and we all gave up. I would probably have had to do 50,000 push-ups, so it’s a good thing we didn´t keep track of the words we said in English!
Guess what? I ran this week! Me, Kelly Moberly, the swimmer/ water polo player ran 3.28 miles in 2 days. It killed me, but I did it. My companion was a cross country runner, so after 1 mile I was dying and she hadn´t even broken a sweat. We all have weaknesses in life. Mine is definitely running. On the bright side I didn´t fall this time :)
We went around the room in a district meeting one time and said something unique about ourselves. I threw out that 2 months ago my hair was 13 inches longer and had pink tips. All the elders kind of just stared at me for a little bit and then started asking questions. It was so funny because half were shocked and then the other half it didn´t surprise them at all. And then I kind of got interrogated about my life because I guess when people have pink hair it means they are crazy or something. I don´t really know, haha, but it was really funny :) One more thing, I´m really good at foosbal. We played with our district during gym one day and I beat them. It’s the competitive side of me!
That´s all for this week. I love you and miss you. Find you love for the Lord <3

Hermana Moberly

Beatles...we had to do it

Mi y mi companera on the monkey bars

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We can be serious sometimes

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