Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Semana Dos!

Well, the days just keep getting better and better. I love it here so much, you have no idea! It is always green and beautiful!

First, let me start off with a story. This story also happens to be the most embarrassing moment of my life, so here goes nothing. We played kickball with our zone last Tuesday after I emailed you. So I had this awesome kick, it went super far and out where no one was standing. It was a solid kick. So I started running fast like my mama tells me (I never did that in youth softball). Next thing I know, I'm sliding on the ground because I tripped over my own feet. Now, from everyone else's perspective I look like a hero, except for 2 things. 1, It was first base. And 2, I didn't make it all the way. On the bright side I was still safe! I scratched up my elbow and hip pretty bad though, so that kind of stinks.  Now, in my zone, I will be known as the girl who slid into first, so that's cool I guess. Who slides into first? NO ONE.

Most of you know my problem with movie quotes. I have 2 languages I speak. One is English, and the other is movie quotes. You are all used to it already, but the hermanas in my room are still working on it. They either think I'm hilarious or insane...no in between. We've gotten so close to them already. It’s weird for me to think that we only have 4 more weeks together since they are going to Oklahoma City. It’s going to be a hard goodbye, but they live in Orem, so I'm sure I'll be seeing them again! :) Just a couple days ago there was an insane thunder and lightning storm. The worst I've ever seen and the 4 of us didn't bring umbrellas or jackets to dinner. We thought if we ran back to the casa we wouldn't get too wet, but we were wrong! We got halfway there and were drenched, so we just stayed outside for a little bit and took some pictures! 

I FOUND COURTNEY JUDD! (she says hi to you, mom) We've eaten meals together most of the days and it is awesome and I love it. She's so great and I'm so happy we are able to spend time together! Another funny story, one day, me and Hna McMillan were walking back to the casa after breakfast and 2 native elders came up and asked for a foto. I thought they meant to ask if we could take a picture of them, but they wanted pictures with us! It was so funny! Now two elders have a picture with us :) haha

So our last investigator, Ana, is now our afternoon teacher. Her real name is Hna. Silva. She is amazing and we love her! One of the coolest things she said, was ''When you are  obedient you see blessings, but when you are 100% obedient, you can see miracles''. I thought that was so cool and true. I know that when we all choose to be totally obedient we will have miracles in our lives. So now we have 2 teachers (Hno Rodriguez and Hna Silva) and now 2 new investigators (Daniel/hno rodriguez and Erika/ hna silva). It’s been a little confusing, but we're getting used to it.

It’s probably not the best, but we have a favorite Elder in our district. It’s Elder Ballard, who I wrote about last week a little bit. Whenever the hermanas have something that we are worried about, he has something to say to us that makes everything better. He is so in tune with the spirit and he acts on the promptings he receives as soon as he gets them and it is blessing our lives. It’s hard to think of him as only 19 years old!

We have district meetings about 3 times a week and they are always amazing. We can all feel the Spirit so strongly and we are able to share revelation with each other. It’s fantastic :) I kinda like to call them revelation circles instead of district meetings. The promptings we all receive come from God. This is one thought we had one day. We are all the messengers of God and those promptings are gifts. If we do our job we will receive pay and get more responsibility. However, if we fail to do our job and act on the thoughts we have, we will get fired and not receive that payment of blessings. I encourage you all to act on those promptings as soon as you get them. You will be so blessed for it!

In the Bible Dictionary under the word prayer, it says ''the object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and others the blessings that God is already willing to grant, but are made conditional on our asking for them''. NEVER FORGET TO SAY YOUR PRAYERS. You will be missing out on blessings from God. He wants to give them to you. He wants to bless others through your faith in Him. My prayers have changed so much since I have read this. I have started asking for the things that God wants me to have, instead asking for the things I think I need to have. Prayer is the greatest blessing in my life right now. Just in the last week, we have lost some things, so we say a little prayer and within the next 24 hours, whatever it was turns up. I know without a doubt that God hears your prayers. Always remember to call on Him for comfort or help or guidance, or anything. Even if you just need someone to talk to. He is there and he loves you. 

Another awesome blessing I received this week. We watch movies/videos every Sunday evening with all of the missionaries. Last week I wanted so badly to watch The Testaments, but instead we watched Finding Faith in Christ. That video was perfect for me last week. And guess what we watched this week? That's right, The Testaments! I was so happy, I'm sure my compaƱera thought I was going crazy. I just love that movie and I love the way it shows our Saviors love for us, even if we don't always make the best choices. He hasn't forgotten about any of us. He loves each of us the same and remembers our names. He suffered and died for us all so we can have the opportunity to live with him forever. I love my Savior and I know he loves me too. Through him all things are possible.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Don't forget to say your prayers and search for your answers in the scriptures :)


Hermana Moberly

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