Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Half Way There!

I officially hit my three week mark tomorrow! I can´t believe I only have 3 more weeks left here! It’s going by sooooo fast! I could use some more letters! ;)
Tuesdays and Sundays here are the best days! We have meetings all day on Sunday,  but they´re all so amazing, even Sacrament which is completely in Spanish. I can understand everything that the Missionaries are saying, but when the branch presidency gets up there I´m lost. Our devotional on last Tuesday night was fantastic. We talked about our reasons for keeping the commandments. There were answers from “because it makes me feel good” to “that´s what we are supposed to do”. Elder Salinas said that we should be keeping the commandments first and foremost because we love Christ. I believe that with all of my heart. Think of the person you love most in this world. Don´t you want to do anything to make them happy? Christ wants us to keep the commandments and in 3 Nephi 17:20 he says that his joy is full when we pray and do what is right. We should all strive to keep the commandments a little better to show the love we have for Christ. That night, later on, we watched a Mormon Message about a man named Todd Sylvester and it was amazing. Please look it up and try to watch for FHE or something. It’s so good and you can feel the Spirit so strong. 
Our devotional last night was really good too. We talked about how through the atonement we can receive strength according to our faith in Christ. I think one of the reasons I struggled so badly going through changes in my life is because I didn´t ask for enough help from the Lord.  But now I am praying all day every day and it has been the easiest adjustment in my life. I know the Lord is willing and able to give us the strength we need to get through these kind of things if we just ask him. Like I said last week, we have blessings waiting for us, we just need to ask for them. Last night we watched a video like every other Sunday and we saw How Rare a Possession. It was all about the Book of Mormon. It showed a man named Vincenzo Di Francesca. He was the man that found the Book of Mormon, but the title page was missing and the title had faded on the cover. He read it and prayed about it like in Moroni 10:3-5 and received his answer that it was true. For years he tried to share its teachings with his congregations. He was a priest in an Italian church. Eventually he was kicked out of the church because he would not burn the book and was afraid of offending God. After years and years, by mere chance he found the name of our church and wrote to the leaders asking to be baptized. They arranged many times for him to be baptized, but it never worked out. He was either stopped by the police or prevented in any other way. He found the book when he was 19 or so and finally got baptized when he was in his 60s. It shows how dedicated we should be with studying the Book of Mormon.  Look at how hard this man tried to find the truth and join the church that he knew was true. We need to develop that same faith and appreciation for the gospel.
One of my investigators, Daniel, has committed to baptism. Even though I know he isn´t a real investigator yet, when he accepted, I started crying! I couldn´t help it! I was just so happy! I can´t wait until I am able to share with people who really don´t have the gospel. I have a testimony of the Spirit and Spanish. I may have mentioned this last week, but my Spanish is getting better and better. During our lessons this week the Spirit has been really strong. When the investigators start asking questions about things we hadn´t prepared for I start to remember the words that I need to give them an answer to their question. The language comes so much easier when I have the Lord on my side helping me out. It’s truly amazing. 
Another thing that will help me with Spanish is that we are having a fast from English from 9 am tomorrow morning to 9 am on Thursday morning. That’s going to be really hard. Our punishment is for every word we say in English, we have to do 10 largartijas (push-ups). I better work really hard on that since I can´t do push-ups with my special wrist.
I think I have a new favorite Elder in my district. His name is Elder Ambler. He´s my new favorite because he laughs at ALL of my jokes, even when they are completely stupid. We have started to call him Ambler Alert :) haha, and my nickname was Moberly in the House (like the white house) but now it’s Obamerly. I´m sure my mom will love that one! Speaking of my mom, thanks for sending me the donuts! But please, never send 2 boxes at once again. There are 4 girls in my room and we ate them all in one day. Looks like we may fatten up before we even get back to the states. We have a severe lack of self control when it comes to Krispy Kreme Donuts. 
So there is a plague-like disease going around the MTC and I don´t think there is a single district that doesn´t have someone out sick. For us, we had Hna Gubler that was sick. But also, last Tuesday the Elders were playing soccer, and Elder Harris took a ball to the face and broke his nose. He had to go to the hospital and have surgery. How scary is that? I would never ever want to have surgery, let alone in Mexico. He still isn´t able to come back to class yet, but we´re hoping he is allowed to tomorrow. With Hna Gubler sick things were kind of quiet without her laughing, it was kinda sad. Hna McMillan is still awesome. She´s so sweet and is always telling me how good I am at Spanish and how she can´t wait till she can talk like me. It’s seriously so sweet. One day I came out of the bathroom and she looks at me and just says ´´You look so beautiful´´. It was so cute! I love her :)
Turns out me and Hna Snowden are exactly the same person. If you just take me and add long brown hair I think we would be clones. It’s fun a lot of the time, but we get distracted really easily, especially by each other. The only difference is that I´m better at Spanish.
My entire district always wants me on their team when we play Spanish games at night. For some reason my team ALWAYS dominates. Not sure why that is...jk I know. It’s because I know a lot of Spanish words. :) hahaha Last night we played trashketball and every time I got up to shoot I made it. So basically I felt pretty cool, but I´m really not that cool. I´m just good at Spanish and basketball. It must come from watching all the March Madness games with Janaye up at BYU.
Another reason that I love P-day is because we get Costco pizza for dinner and it is delicious. The food here is either bad American food or bad Mexican food. Since we are in Mexico I thought it would be authentic, but it’s not. And it’s always cold. My favorite things are the pizza, cereal and pancakes. And Krispy Kreme, but I´d rather not eat 6 donuts in one day again. Overall it’s been a great week and I´ve learned a lot. Keep saying your prayers and reading your scriptures! Love you all!


Hermana Moberly
The Houses on the hill above the CCM
Some of our donuts!

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