Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Springfield VA, Week 2

September 16, 2014

So, last week when we were here in the library and guy came up to us and asked us if we were latter-day saints. We said yes and he tells us that the Holy Spirit "compelled" him to come over to us and share something. He asked if he could share a scripture and we said of course, preparing to receive criticism for our beliefs. He starts reading to us in Galatians. And he just keeps reading and reading. By a scripture we thought he meant a few verses, but he just read us the entire book of Galatians in his version of the bible. Then he just stands up and say, "it was a pleasure to meet you both" and walks out. It was so strange!
I got a letter addressed to Hermana Cory Moberly this week, so that was weird. But it was for me...
So we have our P-Day today because we had drivers training yesterday. The Hermanas in our zone showed up an hour late because our zone leaders told us it was at the wrong place. But then we practiced using our ABS (in the parking lot) which was kind of fun but terrifying at the same time.  It works on our car very well. We had to accelerate to 40mph and then stop immediately. We stopped probably 20 feet from where we slammed on the breaks. CRAZY. We also had to practice backing up, since there is a designated driver. I get to stand outside the car and direct every time we back up anywhere. Sometimes it’s kind of awkward, but we make it work.
            Sometimes I forget we are speaking in Spanish because I can understand so well, but then I want to say something and I can’t get it together in my head. It’s a little bit frustrating, but it gets better every day.  At district meeting we practiced teaching in Spanish and I impressed a lot of people with how much I know, so that was fun :)
I knocked my first door this week! In a complex where nearly every one speaks Spanish. And they opened the door. To my surprise, my first door was some Muslim people. It was a strange conversation because I guess they believe in every religion. They say that they believe all that we believe and we had no idea what else to say. It was very weird, so we just asked for some referrals and went on our way.
We have an investigator that has been taught for years...my thoughts are that hopefully I can be the one that can help her decide to be baptized. I've come to realize I need to be more patient. I think I want her to get an answer about baptism more than she does. I didn't know patience could be such a big deal.
President Riggs always tells us that a pen is a revelatory tool when used correctly! Whenever you go to church or firesides or anything, bring a pen and paper and you will learn so much more.
There are some youth that have been recently converted so we get to visit them all the time and they are the best! I love them all! They are really great examples for their families and for their friends. We take them with us on visits with less actives and investigators and I wish that I had had the chance to do that when I was younger. It really helps the missionary work when the members are willing to help and meet and fellowship.
We were supposed to go to someones house for dinner one night and we used the address in the directory, but she moved a month ago and we ended up being an hour late! We felt so bad! And we missed out on the chance to do some missionary work. We were able to give a pamphlet to the people living in her old house though, so it wasn't too pointless!
            This week we found a less active girl named Tamy and her boyfriend, Christian who is not a member. We shared a message with her about faith. Afterwards she told us that she works on Sundays but wants to come back to church and is looking for other jobs.  She completely related the scripture to herself in her life and has a very strong testimony. We invited them to our noche de hogar that night and they came and she brought 2 friends and her little brother as well. It was super cool!
I made chocolate shakes for my one week celebration...they were almost as good as dads, but we have organic chocolate sauce, so that was strange, but still good! I made cookies this week as well for investigators. I should probably learn how to make healthy food...
This week we asked an investigator to pray using one of our folletos and he started reading the box of directions like it was a prayer and I was trying so hard not to laugh! We had to explain more clearly that it was a conversation, not a recitation. I still have a problem with laughing when I am not supposed to.
We have a list of the members that are in our area and we are going through and visiting the ones that we don't know yet, and we actually found 3 inactive members and so we were able to share a scripture with them and invite them back to church. They explained why they didn't want to come and we helped them understand the importance of attending and promised blessings. 2 of them promised they would come back (one for sacrament only, but it’s a step) and hopefully they can realize how big of an affect it has on their lives. Also, that same day we found 4 new investigators, how great is that? And we found 4 more yesterday during our finding fest! We had 3 hours to go out and find 2 new investigators each, but we were able to find 4 in 2 hours since we had an appointment already scheduled. But we just followed the spirit and used member referrals and we found them :) #raiseourebenezer2014. Our zone found 45 during that time. I’m so glad I’m in the Spanish part because all of them are open and willing to learn more about God and Christ and it makes our work so much easier!
            This week has been the fastest of my life and it’s kind of scary...If my mission goes this fast it will feel like a month. I don't want that because I love my life how it is right now.
 I want to share some lyrics to a song that we listen to almost every day, "all this time from the first tear cried to today’s sunrise and every single moment between, you were there--you were always there--it was you and I. You've been walking with me all this time." Christ is always with us whether we know it or not. He wants to help us and we can find strength in the Atonement. The atonement wasn't just to suffer for our sins. He did it also to know how we feel. Because he knows how we feel he knows exactly how to help us. Ask for it and you can receive it.
I read an awesome scripture about doing the temple work for the dead and it really changed my perspective. D+C 128:22. At the very end it says, "and the prisoners shall go free". How great does that sound? There are people waiting for us to do their work and when we do it they are set free. I can see it. They are stuck where they are and as soon as we do that work for them they are free and can continue to progress. From this I have a new perspective about the importance of Family History work and Returning to the temple for me as well as the people I go for. It’s an amazing thing that we are able to do with the Power of God and His perfect plan!
There is a story in 1 Nephi 7 where Laman and Lemuel are very mad at Nephi, so they tie him up and leave him to die. But he prays for strength according to his faith in Christ. He tries talking to Laman and Lemuel again and they get even angrier, but others tell them how they are acting and they humble themselves and ask for forgiveness. Nephi forgives them right away. There are a lot of things that we can learn from this story, but 2 that I want to point out-
1. He prays for strength according to his faith. When we have more faith, the Lord will help us and bless us more.
2. Nephi forgives his brothers for trying to kill him. It should be easier for us to forgive others as well, because most of the time they aren't trying to do something like kill us. The Lord forgives us for all the things we do wrong and we need to forgive others as well.

Things I learned from President so far:
Interviews with president this week...it’s not really an interview, but it’s awesome. He is a great man and so inspired and I know he is called of God and I don't want him to leave ever. I have already learned so much from him in the few times he has taught us.
*Doing things in the name of Christ means that you are saying what Christ would say. Our prayers should be humble and sincere as Christ would be if he were the one saying the prayer. It is the same with talks and testimonies.
*Virtue = power and it isn't unlimited. We need to fill ourselves with virtue so we can share that with others.
*We will always be blessed for our obedience- "Every person born into the world receives the Light of Christ, which helps us see and feel what is right and what is wrong. God has sent mortal servants who can, by the Holy Ghost, help us recognize what He would have us do and what He forbids. God makes it attractive to choose the right by letting us feel the effects of our choices. If we choose the right, we will find happiness--in time. If we choose evil, there comes sorrow and regret--in time. Those effects are sure. Yet they are often delayed for a purpose. If the blessings were immediate, choosing the right would not build faith. And since sorrow is also sometimes greatly delayed, it takes faith to feel the need to seek forgiveness for sin early rather than after we feel its sorrowful and painful effects. (A Priceless Heritage of Hope)" We don't always receive blessing even in this life, but we will get them, even if it is in our next life.
*"You want to want the celestial kingdom, but do you really really want it?" We have to change our desires to celestial desires if we want the celestial kingdom. My mission president is a very consecrated man and we should all work to be more consecrated in all we do.
*Lay claim to blessings here and in the life to come.
*Faith is kindled when you hear testimonies. Never be afraid to share yours!
*Do all things willingly and you will receive those blessings.


Hermana Moberly

President and Sister Riggs and Me, Sept 3, 2014
Washington DC South Arriving Missionaries, Sept 3, 2014

My First Door!

The View from out balcony.

Some scary looking fruit that I ate. ; )

Our car...sorry Cory ; )
A sweet gift from a sweet investigator

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