Monday, September 22, 2014

Springfield VA

Hola! Here is a rundown of my week:
Tuesday- we had some good and some bad. The days when we don't have language study are harder for me. Also, since its pday I’m out of the habit of teaching in Spanish, so i was a bit frustrated at the end of the day. But also, we went to burke lake and sat on a dock for a few hours to write letters and it was beautiful and so calm and just great! We had 2 members from our ward take us out to ice cream as well.  We visited a less active as well and she has a little 2 year old girl and she was soooo cute. She started crying as soon as we walked out the door.  And then on Saturday we were standing outside and she was trying to push us into the apartment, but we had to leave for stake conference.

Wednesday- first time doing exchanges! I had no idea what exchanges were because no one ever told me anything. So we finished with district meeting and I saw a bunch of pillows in the back of a car and I asked Hna Wilcox and Hna McDonald if they were moving or something and they just gave me a weird look and said, "we’re doing exchanges". So I say, "I know". And then they realized that i had no idea what was happening and laughed at me for a little bit and then explained everything. Apparently it’s an overnight occurrence. My bad! But yeah, so I had to lead my area that day which was pretty hard, but good and fun and I learned a lot. The first 3 places that we tried to go, no one answered their doors, so we went to dinner. I have never eaten so much in my life. I really couldn't even eat until breakfast 2 days later. It was almost like there was an entire box of rice on my plate and then meat on a bone, which if you know me, I really struggled with. On top of that the kids in that house were going crazy and we couldn't calm them down enough to share a message, so we had to just leave. We visited another investigator and she prayed in front of us for the first time and it was amazing! She is really so great and she has been praying about a date for baptism, so we hope that is coming soon :) I MET A LAKERS AND DODGERS FAN ON THIS DAY. He's from el Salvador, but he lived in Pasadena and now he is my buddy. He's like 60 though.

Thursday- we went to Cafe Rio to switch back to our normal companionships and it was fun. Apparently, Hna Cory Moberly's current companion waited for her visa in this mission and was Hna Wilcox's companion. Small world! How crazy is that? We did a Finding Fest on Monday and our mission found 227 new investigators in 3 hours. Isn't that incredible? Our zone had 45 on our own. We were doing this as an Ebenezer, which is a token of gratitude. Our mission has been focused on consecrating ourselves, so our zone made a goal to find 100 this week. On average, we have found 2 new investigators every day this week. It’s a lot of work and our schedules are completely filled. But this day we found 4 through members and a list of potential investigators that we have. Our total for this week was 104! 104 new investigators found in one week by 25 of us. I think that can count as consecration. I love it!

Friday- rough day for me. First I locked us out of the apartment on our way to the gym. We left at 6:30 and didn't get back in until 10:45. And we had to go through the district leader and the assistants to the president and some people in the mission office. It was a long process, but I read 20 conference talks. It’s a good thing we had our iPads. We had a member come with us to a lesson, but they weren't home. So we went a few houses down to a less active/part member family. It turns out the member that we had with us really needed to go to that home because she had been in the same exact situation as the family. The lord really is directing this work and Hna Haubner and I just do what he tells us. It’s always ends up working out! Also, every Friday the ward plays sports at the church building and we get to bring investigators and new members and play. It’s so much fun and its one of the 2 times that I get to do this a week. I never knew I could miss playing sports so much! The only bummer is that they start playing soccer at 8:45 and we have to leave then to get home on time. Other than that it’s perfect!

Saturday- We spent an hour and half of our time just going through back up plans looking for someone to teach. We even had a member with us and door after door was unsuccessful. And it was so hot. I feel really bad for the missionaries on bikes! But after this long time, 3 doors in a row we taught a lesson and made return appointments. Sometimes it just takes persistence...a lot of it. We picked up our lunches and lunches for the trio of hermanas in our ward around 4 and then we had to pick up our dinners and for our zone leaders at 5. We had stake conference that night, so we drove all of these meals to the stake center and didn't get there until right before the meeting started. So we had 9 meals in our car and because of how big the meals they give us are, we could have lived on that for 2 or 3 weeks. So don't ever worry about me going hungry. I'll be just fine! But that night, we all had to wait until 8ish for our food and we were starving. But the meeting was really, really good! For the second time since I've been here, 2 Elders in our ward have showed up at a house that we are already teaching in. Many of the families here liv together, so we each have investigators in that home and a recent convert.  So we had 2 lessons going at the same time. Needless to say the spirit was very strong in that house :)

Sunday- Stake Conference is really great :) it was a little strange because that is the first meeting I have been to in English in 2 months! Weird. But I learned a lot! After that we had correlation meeting with the ward mission leader which is hard for me because I'm supposed to speak only Spanish instead of Spanglish. Then we went to McLean to get some stuff for my compaƱera. She has been having some health problems lately, but she is getting better! The lady we talked to complimented me. I guess I've been helping by sending out good energy :) haha, she was kinda strange. But we had a really good discussion about how everything on this earth has been made for our use if we use it with knowledge and skill. And we also talked about guardian angels. We could very well have ancestors and future posterity helping us out because we have bodies and that is the goal. The children we are going to have want to do everything they can to help us so that they can come and receive bodies as well. Just a really cool thought and something to think about deeply. I believe that Papa is helping me out :) every time I find a penny!
Then we had a fireside where 2 people spoke about their conversions. They both used to be pastors and went through 8 or so years of school for it. A year ago they got baptized and became members of this church. They recently went through the temple and got sealed. Their testimonies are super strong and I wish that all of my investigators could have been there.

I GOT TO PLAY SOCCER THIS MORNING and it was so fun! We played with the other Hermanas and the family Maldonado. It was really just so great and I looked like I really knew what I was doing with them, so that was a bonus! :) Best work out I've had since I've been here. 

In my studies this week I found a really cool survey in Preach my gospel. Here are the questions, except I want to apply them to your lives. If it were your last day in this life, what do you want to say you have done? What do you want to have become? What differences do you want others to notice in you? And what are you going to do now to get there?

I watched a restoration video again and got something else out of it this time that I want to share. When Joseph Smith was having a hard time, he received revelations directly from God to comfort him. When you are having a hard time, shouldn't you be able to receive revelation and comfort from God as well? You can, because all the things that Joseph received were recorded and we have them in the scriptures. We also have the Bible and the Book of Mormon. That is a place that we can turn to when we need strength and direction. It is what the scriptures are for. Never forget to turn to them.

The work is great and I learn more and more every day. It’s not perfect, but  nothing on earth is perfect. I'm growing closer to Christ and I know that our testimonies go stronger when we obey. We will always receive blessings for being obedient. Don't forget to read the Book of Mormon. It’s true. Joseph Smith translated it and it helps everything. Love you all!


Hermana Moberly

Burke Lake

Hermana McDonald and Me

Hermana McDonald, Hermana Haubner and Me

Locked Out!

The roads we drive...can't wait for fall.
Drove behind a Lamborghini...NBD

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