Monday, January 26, 2015

6 Months!

This week has been crazy and we were running all over the place without much luck, but we got a lot done. Our investigators are progressing for the most part! Rolando is going strong! Nothing has really changed. He is reading about the things we want to talk about in Preach My Gospel before our lessons, so he comes in really prepared and basically just teaches us the lessons and we correct little things and emphasize some areas. He wants to share his testimony in church next Sunday! He is on schedule for his baptism on the 15th of February and wants to speak in the new members fireside that night. I just can't get over how perfect of an investigator he is. He is super humble and so ready to change even if it’s hard :) He wants us to meet him in Utah one time for general conference and then take a trip to Bolivia and then back to Palmyra. He also fasted with us on Sunday for another investigator. It’s wonderful. 
Victor and Rony are doing well. Victor is progressing a lot and we think he will be baptized in February. They came to church yesterday and brought one of their friends along, so now we are teaching him too! We taught Victor alone on Saturday and that was what he really needed. His brother, Rony has some different views on a couple doctrinal subjects, so it confuses him when we say one thing and then Rony says something else. He definitely listens to us way more than his brother! We got invited to a Seventh Day Adventist meeting on Sunday, because their Sabbath day is on Saturday. It was different, but pretty good. Most of the doctrine they were teaching was good, but some was very strange. Then we ate with them and Victor continued to ask questions about our church and wasn't listening to the other people that were there :)
Francisco is progressing. He wants to believe in the Book of Mormon and we fasted with him on Sunday. He thinks the Book is wonderful and he loves everything it says. We think the problem is that he thinks he has to receive a big answer and he isn't recognizing the one that he is being given. But we are working and he is so close!!
I celebrated 6 months as a missionary on Friday! We got Café Rio! And then we celebrated by giving out Books of Mormon :)
We have some funny experiences when we knock on some peoples' doors. One night we knocked and they came and turned the porch light on and then walked away from the door. Then we called her cell phone and we heard it ringing inside, but still no one answered, so we called again and they finally opened the door and asked us to come back today. We also sat knocking on someone's door for about 5 minutes just to find out that the person we were looking for had moved. Also, often we will text an investigator and ask when we can come and then we find out that they are going back to their country for a few months...Fun stuff.
We had an investigator who wasn't progressing all that much, but we were trying and then we found out she has people from other churches coming over to talk as well and that our lessons with her aren't really getting through, especially when she hears anti things from other churches.
Some of these things are funny, but at the same time it’s a little frustrating because what we have is so important and they just don't understand yet. We work so hard, so when we get and investigator like Rolando and Victor we get so excited. I just want so bad to share it with everyone and help them feel the happiness that we have. Because I know it is all true and I know it will change their lives. But like me before my mission they don't want to change and they think they are happy where they are. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE! And I want everyone to have it. Don't you?
Sorry, that's all I have this week, it was two days shorter, but it was good. Keep praying for them please :) Love you!


 Hermana Moberly

6 Months! Me and Hna Pettit at Cafe Rio.

HUGE Snowflakes
Awkward when it's only the missionaries at 9AM Church

Definitely Not Starving!

Me and My Ticket! :(

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