Monday, January 12, 2015

Be All In

What a week! I hope it has been as good a week for all of you as it has been for me! But I seriously doubt it :) Sorry.  Where to start? First off, I am still in Springfield! I'll be staying in Little River ward for at least 6 more weeks!
We had our zone activity again last week, so you know that means I took 3 hours out of my pday to play worth it :) Then we had dinner with some of the members in our ward. We talked all about trek and the pioneers and are encouraging one of the girls in the family to go, because it’s amazing.
Updates on Rolando: He's still on fire, but still wants to wait until February to be baptized. We taught the Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Christ and the commandments this week. And when I say we teach him, I really mean that we tell him what we are going to talk about in the next lesson and he studies it before the lesson and teaches us. We go in and ask if he has any questions, and sometimes he will have one or two, but then we ask him questions of the things he should know and he answers perfectly! Unfortunately, he slept through church yesterday. That's what you get for 9:00 AM church :( We had another lesson with him in Chick-fil-a with our peppermint shakes (go get one if you haven't had one)!
Updates on Francisco: HE IS READING STILL! We are so happy and excited! He hasn't recognized his answer yet, but he is reading and praying with his wife and he is almost there. Considering that he straight up told us the only thing he has a problem with in the church is the Book of Mormon and that he wants to be convinced that it’s true, we finally got through and he has read every day this week. It’s another miracle :) We just have to text assignments to them every day and then they read it. It has been fantastic and so rewarding because we can see a difference in him and the way he talks about the Book of Mormon.
Victor- Still hasn't come to church yet, but he has read in the Book of Mormon. He is super funny and really wants to play soccer on Friday nights with the boys at the capilla. He might not be in our ward, but we don't actually know. Every time we have talked to him, we found him at another investigators house. Kind of confusing, because we teach the people that live in the basement and his cousin lives on the main floor. But one day we will finally get him to receive all of the blessings and happiness that this gospel brings!
Miracle people include Marcelino, Blanche and Heather, Cinthia, Juana, Silvia, and Hermana Short, so there is a lot to say. I'll have to summarize some of them.
Marcelino- Me and Hermana Haubner had talked to him once before a couple months earlier. He lives in the basement of another investigator, but they weren't home. I didn't want to go knock on his door, but then I was being prompted that I should, so we did. I was scared because the first time we talked to him, he didn't want anything to do with it. But we knocked and he came outside in the 16 degree weather to talk with us for an hour. We used a lot of inspired questions and he had lots of good questions and we shared a message on the Restoration. Before we could even ask if we could come back to share more, he invited us to come back later because he wanted to learn more. We left him with a BoM and he promised to read it. And this promise was much more meaningful than the usual ones we get. He has a real desire to know more! It was great and I'm so happy I decided to be all in and follow the Spirit!
Blanche and Heather- We have had incredible lessons with them this week. They have doubts about Joseph Smith because part of the Bible says that no man has seen or will see God's face and live, while other parts say that people have talked to God face to face. That was the only rough part, because we are focusing on them gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon to know that he was really a prophet. So we have stopped by and read chapters in the Book of Mormon with them and they are realizing that it talks about the same things as the bible and that it’s good and not weird or different. They have the desire to read on their own as well. I just love seeing the change that takes place in people as they start to read for understanding in the BoM.
Cinthia- She was taught before by missionaries in Honduras, but didn't listen and usually escaped their lessons, but now she asks us lots of questions! We got onto the topic of infant baptism because her husband wants to baptize their 6 month old child, but she doesn't. She liked Moroni 8 a lot and is really opening up to us. Everything is easier when we find out the needs of the investigators and teach them something they can use at the moment and then they open up to us. :) She hasn't been to church yet either, but she will soon!
Juana- She was a referral from a potential Investigator and hopefully will be golden. She gave us a referral as well as soon as we opened the door and introduced ourselves. She wants to know more as well and we are excited!
Silvia- Guatemalan :) She has had many experiences with people who have claimed to be Mormon, but then they worship Joseph Smith and a cross, so we cleared that up real fast for her! We shared the first Vision and the Spirit was so strong and we helped her understand that we appreciate what he did and we know that he was called of God, but that we do not worship him in any way. It was awesome and we can't wait to go back!
Hermana Short- She is less active and wanting to come back, but she doesn't feel ready. Little by little we are helping her increase her testimony and inviting her to do things to increase her testimony on her own. She has been reading in the BoM, but still hasn't ever prayed to know if it is true or not, but she will do it this week. I never realized how necessary that is. If you haven't done it, ask. If you have done it, do it again and receive that incredible confirmation and never doubt :)
We had an interesting experience this week with someone who is studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses. She has a lot of the same beliefs as them and we were trying so hard to get her to accept a Book of Mormon. We really tried all the different ways we could, but she wouldn't have it. Then we went in her house to talk to another man who was living there and she came in later and we talked some more. It was very gospel related the entire time, she just didn't realize. She was saying a lot of things that were in line with the gospel, but we had to be careful with what we said so that she wouldn't kick us out of the house. At the end we were trying to get out of the house, but she kept talking and talking. I think we have taken a step forward and are going to have to ease into this friendship kind of slowly, but she has a ton of potential and would make a great member :)
That's all I have time for, but I am so grateful for all of your prayers. I know that these miracles are happening partly because you are asking for them for me, so thank you, but please don't stop! I know that seeing these changes in people are a direct result of my companionship's desire to be all in in this work and to do everything we can to achieve our purpose. Always remember that you can share the light you have with everyone and be a missionary every day! I love you and miss you :)

Hermana Moberly

PS I just got told that I have good pigtails...but my hair is in braids :) hahaha

Chick Fil A with Rolando and Hna Pettit

Little River District

Little River District Having Some Fun...

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