Wednesday, January 21, 2015


What a great week and a half it has been! Like every day, there are good things and bad things, but I’m trying to be more like Nephi and focus mainly on those things!! :)
So I’ll start with Rolando! Not much has changed, we watched the Testaments with him, taught all of the commandments and he committed to live them all, and he stayed at a member’s house 2 hours after we left for another appointment. Basically he is on fire and I can't believe that he still wants to wait until February 15th to get baptized. He is so ready! He even gave us some advice on how to teach with other investigators depending on what worked with him and it’s awesome. We are contemplating on teaching investigator present lessons instead of member presents with him!
It looks like Francisco will not be getting baptized this Saturday, but there’s always the 31st and we are praying really hard for that one to work out.
District and Zone meetings have all been about fishing this transfer and it makes me think of how much my dad would love it all. Last week we were talking about how we need to keep our line in the water as much as possible to have the best chance to catch a lot of fish. That is related to how we need to be at work and talking to everyone when we are outside of our apartment. Then yesterday we talked about our most powerful bait and how we want to use what most effective for the kinds of fish that we want to catch. Our bait as missionaries is the Book of Mormon and the way we use it depends on the person we are taking to. We need to change the way we present it and determine what bait is best for this person and their situation. It’s been really effective so far! This week we are trying to place as many copies as we can and we text the word BITE to our zone leaders every time we place one or give a reading assignment to investigators. Let's go fishing!
We had a mission conference this last weekend and Elder Hallstrom, one of the 7 presidents of the 70 came with his assistant, Elder Perkins. We learned a lot that day, but some of the biggest things I took were awesome. We learned that miracles only come after we have faith. When we believe that they are possible, that is when they happen. God loves to work off of our faith and rarely does he work without it. It’s almost as if faith is the payment for the miracle. Lots of people think that a mission is a change for 18 months or 2 years, but really it should be something that changes you forever. When someone goes home from the mission they should try their hardest to keep the same habits and high standards, rather than trying to become "normal" again. They talked about the difference between belief and knowledge. All we need to do is believe and the knowledge will come when we search for it. I had a lot of beliefs before I came out here, but now I know a lot of facts.
We met a couple new people this week! Rony and Victor are from Guatemala. Rony is a Seventh Day Adventist and is very strong in her beliefs. Victor doesn't have a religion and is very interested to learn more.  They both had to work Sunday morning and didn't get to come to church, but they did get to go to a fireside that we had that night and they liked it. It was all about creating Spiritual goals. They loved it and want to come to church this Sunday.

Food I've eaten this week:
Ceviche: Raw fish marinated in lemon juice served cold. It’s a really good thing that I 
like fish, otherwise that would have been really hard!
Bomberos: basically a fried sandwich
Papusas: the best
And we had 3 dinners on Monday.

Now, to top off the whole email, I will tell you a sad story of a poor hermana missionary who didn't know the right speed limit. Yep, I got my first ever ticket this week for speeding at 42 in a 25! Yay! Let me tell you that the officer was not a very happy man that night. It was Friday on the way home from Correlation. So I pulled over and he got mad at me for still having a California license even though we move around all the time. My companion asked if he was familiar with missionaries and what we do and he says, "are you familiar with speed limits and traffic signs?" Well anyways, that night I ate some ice cream when I got home.
Sorry it’s kind of short, the computers are down, so I have to do it all on my iPad. Have an awesome week and go fishing :) if you get any bites send their names to my facebook so I can teach them!

Love always,
Hermana Moberly

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Annandale Zone, January 2015

First Ticket

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