Monday, February 16, 2015

Llena la Pila

Another week has come and gone.....but this time we had a baptism!!!! That was really the only exciting thing that happened because we did a lot of finding and taught lot of little lessons. We picked up some new investigators and got dropped hard by one of them later on in the week. She told us that she was confused and wasn't happy and didn't want anything to do with us basically and didn't hear when we were telling her how much the gospel is perfect for her in that situation. It’s just hard when we know exactly what people need and how much it will bless their lives and they won't accept it.
We continue to stay in the places we go until we find the reason that we are there. We always end up talking to someone that needs a little bit of help and its perfect. We have gotten really good at talking to everyone, no matter how hard it is to talk to people in English. But we see little miracles everyday that will lead to lots of prepared people in the future!
Ok, so I just want to talk about Rolando for a little bit. I have learned so much from our experiences with him. I got to this area in September and we had 2 investigators to be baptized, one being Rolando. We knocked and knocked and called and called with nothing. 6 weeks later we knocked and he answered and it was a perfect lesson and he was on date to be baptized on November 16. And it happened again. We knocked and called and got nothing. Then on December 15, we were sitting in our car and we told the Lord that we had a plan to knock this one last time and if he didn't answer we would drop him. So we knocked and he answered. And he answered the next time, and the next time, and we have talked almost everyday since then. We have learned that it was partly the persistence that we had and the testimonies of the members we brought. The week of December 15 was the pivotal point for him and I just love that it was the time when were on the verge of dropping him. But all worked out in the end and he got baptized. It was a wonderful, crazy, spiritual high day. We loved it!!
Sorry this email is so short, the libraries are all closed so I'm just on my iPad. I know that God prepares people throughout their lives to accept the gospel. I know that when they find it, everyone is happy. I know that Rolando will be an amazing member and missionary for his family and friends. I know that I can try to be more like him. 

Love you all! Have an awesome week!!!! :)
Hermana Moberly

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