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July 6, 2015
Well, it’s been another busy week over here in McLean! Unfortunately we had to spend some extra time in the apartment because we were both sick, but when we were healthy we worked hard!
Last Monday night we had a family home evening at Bishop's, just like every other Monday, and this one was fun! We talked about Naaman, the leper and how the prophet's servant delivered the message of how he was going to be healed. We talked about how we get direction today by servants of the Lord and it can come from talks in church, seminary teachers, or even the young, poor missionaries! We can get direction for life from all kinds of sources, but we have to be humble enough to listen.
Update on our family, Maria, Sindi, and Liz! They are doing so well! We have now taught them the first three lessons and they are learning it so fast! The two girls, Sindi and Liz are going to be baptized on August 1 if their parents give them permission! They are so cute! They always ask the best questions and they really want to know it all. We met the father, Jose, for the first time this week. It was pretty cool because we felt like one of the members should come with us, but we didn't really know why, because we were just teaching two young girls. But he was there and Dany was able to talk to their dad and we taught him a little bit and he was comfortable and accepting of it all. We should be going to the Temple Visitor Center if it all works out tonight, so I will report more on them next week. Please keep them in your prayers!
On Wednesday night we went out and for an hour and a half, we couldn't make contact with anyone. No one was answering the door, and no one was out, so it was kind of rough. So we were going through all of our back up plans and we visited a less active woman in the ward. It was so amazing and we knew that that was where we needed to be. She said that she had been praying for someone to come and visit her. She struggles with depression and needed some company. So the next day we went over again and made dinner for her and the little boy that she was taking care of. It was awesome and I love seeing the little miracles that come. That's why I try not to get frustrated when good plans fall through, because we may be needed somewhere else.
There is a man we are teaching, Adan, and he is awesome! He finally figured out that the congregation is all Hispanics, except for us, when this whole time he thought it was all in English!! Haha, we told him a few times that it was Spanish, but apparently he wasn't listening completely. Now that he found that out, he has progressed a lot more. We had a really great lesson with him one night and he really opened up, so we were able to teach him what he needed in that moment. I love when that happens! The Spirit is so amazing because it helps others trust us and we can know how to help them, even if they don't say exactly what is wrong. It just gives me a stronger testimony that this is the Lord's work!
On Thursday we went to Chick-fil-a, and guess who we went with?! ROLANDO! He's finally back from Bolivia, so of course we went to Chick-fil-a :) It was so fun to see him again! He is amazing! And now, his nephew is here, so he is having him meet with the missionaries in Little River. He is the best!!
We went on exchanges this week and we saw more miracles. We just changed all of our areas this last transfer because one of the areas was closed. We used to work in Falls Church, but now the other Hermanas work there. We went on exchanges with them and it was pretty fun because that is an area that I am very familiar with and Hermana Tate is not. It was a fun night and we contacted some really cool people. There was a lesson that we had with another less active and we could see a huge difference in her from when we walked into her house and at the end of the lesson. It was really cool!
We met our new mission president, President Huntsman on Friday! I already love him :) He is amazing and pretty funny. He is letting revelation take control of this mission and it’s pretty cool. We have Mission Leadership Council this week, so I will know more about him next week!
One of the testimonies that I have gained as a missionary is that planning makes life so much easier and so much better. I wasted so much time before I was a missionary because I just waited for things to happen, or I waited to be forced to do things. Now, as a missionary, I realize that time is so important and there isn't much of it, so when you plan, that special time isn't wasted like it would otherwise.
I hope your fourth of July was awesome! Mine was! We went to Arlington cemetery and watched to fireworks over the Capital. We weren't allowed to leave our Zone, so we were really lucky to be able to go over there! I will send some pictures, but it was cool to be able to spend the 4th in the nation’s capital :)
I love you and miss you all! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer. Take care :)

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