Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Is Sleep?

Man, this week has been crazy. Much crazier than most weeks, let me tell you why! It started off normal, we were working hard, teaching lots of lessons and seeing lots of miracles. We have laughed a lot, which helps with everything. We found three new investigators in one day, and up until this point they are all pretty solid! We had one of them tell us that if she wasn't giving birth, she would be there for the next lesson :) She is 9 months pregnant, so we will see!
Our district meeting was a little bit sad this week because our district leader went home on Thursday, so we was giving us his final words and advice.
We went to the Temple Visitor's Center with Angel! Finally! We watched Meet the Mormons with him and he LOVED it! And he loved seeing the temple. And we are going to go to chick-fil-a tonight to get his application turned in. He will have Sundays free in a couple of weeks, so as soon as that happens he is going to get baptized :)
We continue to have some crazy storms over here, and it gets kind of sketchy to drive in them. At one point I was driving 35 on the highway, so that just shows how bad it was, because I like to drive fast!
On Thursday we had a transfer meeting, which was awesome! It was really sad because it was the last one for the Riggs family. We get our new President on Tuesday this week and we will meet him this week on Friday. My companion and I will get to know him really well really fast since we are part of the leadership of the mission. I'm really looking forward to the change and all that will come with it, but I am so sad to see President Riggs leave. I have learned so much from him, but I know that I will learn from President Huntsman as well!
Sometimes the assistants don't make all of the calls to let people know when they are getting transferred. This happened when Hermana Peabody first came in. There was a Sister who didn't know she was getting transferred and she freaked out a little bit. SO afterwards we were joking about it happening to her. And that is exactly what happened this last transfer. She wasn't told that she was going to be transferred, but during the meeting it was announced that she was going to a different area. We all felt so bad because she was so excited to stay there for another 6 weeks and then was surprised by that. Poor thing!
Saturday night around 11:30, we made an emergency trip to the hospital for Hermana Christensen. We thought she had appendicitis, so we went to the ER and were there from 11:30 PM to 5:00 AM. It wasn't appendicitis, but they couldn't figure out exactly what was going on, so they gave her pain killers and basically said that if it keeps hurting for a few days to come back. So it’s an unknown thing. Dr Kearle, our mission doctor brought me some McDonald's to eat while I was waiting for Hermana Christensen. She got a CAT scan. Ever since then we have been trying to catch up on sleep. As missionaries, you never really get enough sleep, but after this, it’s going to take a while to catch up. So today instead of playing sports like we usually do, we took a nice long nap!
Those have been our adventures so far, and hopefully we will have more, but no one will be in pain and they can all be related to missionary work! I love this work and I don't want to leave it ever! I've never grown so much so fast and I know it won't ever happen again. As we come closer to Christ he really does show us our weaknesses, but when we know what they are He helps us make them our strengths instead. I love the Atonement and I am so grateful to know what it is and share it with the people here. I love you and miss you all! Have a great week :)

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