Monday, March 23, 2015

Temple Trip With Rolando

March 16, 2015
We have had a bit of a rough week this week. We have been working so hard and doing all that we can to be effective missionaries. But by our numbers of lessons this week, you would never guess it. The frustrating part about it all is that there isn't much that we can change ourselves. We knock on so many doors and either no one answers or they aren't home. We taught a total of 8 lessons this entire week.
Temple with Rolando!
But on the bright side, I went to the temple on Wednesday with Rolando! We went to do baptisms and it was incredible! He wanted me to do his grandmother's name for him and it was so special. He was so happy! Also, I got to the Dezas, so it was a perfect day! We met in Fairfax at 2:00 and we didn't get home until just after 9:00, so it was a long day! 
Our zone training this week was incredible! We talked a lot about obedience and the reasons that we do what we do. Sometimes we are motivated by our external desires. For example we are obedient because we know that the blessings will come, or because we are scared of what will happen if we don't keep the commandments. But the greater and higher level of obedience comes from the internal motivations, o sea, our love! It is more powerful and we can do so much more when we are obedient because we love the Lord. It is the difference between fear and happiness! 
We visited a family this week and it was really dark when we walked into the house. The head of the house asked me where I was from, and when I said I was from California he was really surprised...he thought I was Hispanic! And then his wife said that If I died my hair black and put in dark contacts that I could pass for Hispanic :) I love some of the compliments that I get!
Another day when all of our plans fell through, we went through the phone and called a lot of people. There were a ton of numbers in there that we have no idea who they are. Every time I would call someone else I scared Hermana Peabody. She thought I was crazy! It was so funny! She was so terrified.
I never knew that I could be so happy to see more rain. I've always loved it, but I'm even more happy because it’s too warm for snow!! 
More news, we have new iPads now, so that means that I will not be online for a while, so no facebook or my other blog for a little bit. But now we can use duolingo, which I'm having a lot of fun with :) 
This week I'm going to learn how to make tortillas, Honduran style (aka the best)! 
Haidy scared us pretty bad this week! We talked to her on Tuesday and she told us she was super excited for our lesson on Thursday. We tried to call her Thursday morning and the phone line said, "This phone is not accepting calls at the moment." Then we knocked on her door and thought that maybe she blocked us and was ignoring us, but then we went by on Saturday. Turns out that she was having a really bad week and didn't want to talk to anyone and her phone got disconnected for a few days. But now all is well. We will be moving her baptismal date to the beginning of April because she won't be quite ready until then. But everything else is going well with her! Just keep praying for her :)
I'm sorry this is so short, but nothing really happened this week! But I know that the work will hasten and that it is all true. We see miracles when we exercise our faith and maybe this is just a trial of our faith. One of my favorite quotes from President Riggs is, "It won't always be like this." And it is so true. Thing were going well, but it’s not always like that. Things may not be going well right now, but it won't always be like this! I love the Lord and all that He does for each one of us. He loves us so much, so let’s do what He asks :)
 Hermana Moberly

DC Temple

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