Monday, March 2, 2015

Filling the Pool

Another week is beginning. Mondays come so fast! But we continue to see the work get better and better. We still don't know who many people are and the Elders that were here before didn't leave very much information. They left us a couple last names of members that we were supposed to visit, but there's always so many of them with the same last name, so we go see them all until we find the one we are supposed to talk to. We have found a few new investigators that way, so I won't complain! We are filling the teaching pool.

Hna Peabody and Me
Our district meeting went really well this week. Our district leader is from Argentina, so we now do everything in Spanish and I love it. I just feel kind of bad for the newer missionaries who don't understand that much. But it can only help them by being immersed in the language. Sometimes it’s just strange talking to the other missionaries in Spanish when we know that our English is so much better. But in the meeting we learned more about planning. Before the mission I never planned anything, so I forgot everything that I was supposed to do and I wasted a lot of time. Here in the mission it is the same thing. When we don't plan, we don't get a lot done and we spend time doing things that don't help hasten the work.

We have some super prepared people here in Manassas. We found a 17 year old girl who is so ready and excited about the gospel. When we told her that there was a living prophet, she didn't even question it, she just said, "Why do people not know about this?" So she is learning fast and wants to know the truth and she is going to be awesome. We are going to invite her to baptism this week, so please pray for her!

Fun isn't against the rules...;)
We have the couple that I mentioned last week and they are progressing. We are going to invite them to be baptized this week too! They weren't able to go to church yesterday because of the snow during the week. Their work got pushed to Sunday, but they really want to come. They are feeling the truth and want us to come over more and more. We are super excited about them! So please help us pray for them as well :)

We had a mission conference this week with a general authority and someone from the Missionary Department. We have already had iPads and apparently we were a pilot mission. This week we will get new iPads and become a test mission. Starting this week I will not be on facebook for a while, but we will be back eventually. I feel that the Lord trusts us so much to let us use the technology we have for our mission. It could be so dangerous from the things that are out in the world now. But we have the chance to use it and spread the gospel in so many more ways than just by our mouths. The words that were used were: "changing it into a weapon of righteousness"...I love that. The devil has so much control and power with the internet and we are going to fill the darkness with light. And darkness cannot exist where there is light.
My new Nationals jersey

We finally were able to go to church yesterday and meet more of the members! It was really good because yesterday it decided to rain ice and covered EVERYTHING in black ice. Streets, roads, sidewalks, handrails, bushes and trees, everything. So we weren't allowed to drive, but one of the Hermanas in the ward offered to take us to all of our appointments.

Overall an awesome week and lots of work accomplished, but even more to come. Love and miss you all! Take care this week :)


Hermana Moberly

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