Monday, March 23, 2015

Flood the Earth

March 23, 2015
Somehow, even when things are rough in the mission I am always happy. I hope it’s the same for all of you. We are so blessed to be here at this time when so many great things are happening with the gospel. 
This week has been significantly better than last week! We met with Haidy again and she is doing well. She continues to have the desire to follow Christ, but mainly because she has been reading in the Book of Mormon. It makes all the difference for investigators, and now I know how much of a difference that it makes for members. It’s everything. It looks like she will not be getting baptized until August, when she turns 18. It’s unfortunate…but we have to respect the decision of her mother. 
We have found some new investigators. I have talked before about Maria and Wilson, but we recently started talking to their 13 year old daughter who is a lot more interested than they are now. We are thinking that she will be the catalyst in helping them remember their desire to find the correct church and follow God. 
We had an amazing training this week on using the Book of Mormon. Our newest mission goal is to flood the mission with the Book of Mormon. We know how incredible and necessary it is, so we want it in as many hands as possible so they can experience the power that it has. It changes lives and brings happiness and light more than anything else can. We should share it as much as we can. And if you don't know what it can do, open it up and see :)
Technology. It is so scary. The adversary has so much power with it and it is so easy to give in. How many of us spend more time than necessary on the internet? How many find ourselves in dark places where we shouldn't be looking? It is so important that we use the technology and blessings that we have for good, rather than being attacked and overcome by the evil things in this world. As a missionary I am using the technology we have in a way I never have before. Only to share things of light. Where there is light, the darkness cannot exist. I invite you all to fill the world with the light that you have rather than letting the darkness in.
We are teaching a man named Orlando, I'm not sure if I have mentioned his name before, but he is very interested in the gospel. He is super smart and understands what he reads from the Book of Mormon so much better than any other investigator that I have seen. He wants to know so bad that there is a living prophet, but he has been raised with people saying that we don't need a prophet. He brought his wife and three children to church yesterday and they really liked it. They want to come back next week and we are going over to talk to them more tomorrow. 
One of the girls that I taught when I was in Little River is going to get baptized on April 11, so I get to go back for that! I'm real excited for her. Her name is Michelle and she is 9. Hopefully they will be teaching the rest of the family soon!
That's all I have for this week, but the miracles continue to come. I know that when we have faith and give thanks to the Lord, they happen. I see it every day and I can feel a special spirit when I am with God's lost children. They are out there and they are waiting. God put prepared people in the way of his prepared servants who want to share the gospel. Open your mouths and you will find them :)


Hermana Moberly

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