Sunday, April 5, 2015

Half a Letter from March 30th

Here is a half letter we got last week....the wifi went down while she was typing:
March 30, 2015
So this Sunday is Easter and General Conference…that came really fast!!!
It’s been an awesome week over here in Manassas and I hope it was for you too!  We had a bunch of members come with us to see our investigators and that always helps :)  On Tuesday we went over to Haidy’s house and watched The Testaments and ordered pizza. She loved the movie! She was crying at the end because the Spirit was so strong.  It was awesome and helped her strengthen her testimony even more about the Book of Mormon.  The only thing we are worried about is that she wants to continue going to the church that she is at now.  But she knows that Joseph was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that we have a living prophet, so she will be able to make the adjustment even if it is hard.  The bottom line is that if all of this is true, you can’t only make some changes, you have to do all that is asked.  We can see that when we haven’t seen her in awhile or she hasn’t read the Book of Mormon that she forgets so quickly how she felt and what she knows.  It just reminds me that it is so important that we do things every day to keep the Spirit in our lives so that we don’t fall away as easy as it is.  We have to do the little things or little by little without us even noticing we will forget what we know.

We have had to drop a bunch of investigators this week because they are either hiding from us or just aren’t doing what it takes to come unto Christ.  It’s always sad when we do that because we know how important the message that we have is, how much it changes and helps us, and how happy it makes us.  And sometimes they just don’t understand what they are saying no to.  All we can do is provide the words and the Spirit will confirm if they are really wanting to know. If not, now is not their time! We also had exchanges this week! Hermana Christensen came to me and my trainee went off to Little River…lucky! But it was a fun day. We had some training and then went out and taught.  The lessons went well and I learned better ways to teach :)

Hna Peabody and Me :)
The Hna's and the Avengers

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