Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventures with El Guapo

          Funny how the week goes by super-fast until you move your P-day to a Wednesday. Sorry I'm late this week and forgot to tell most of you, but Happy Earth day! I got to celebrate it by going to the temple! :) That worked out pretty well.
DC Temple in April
          A lot has happened in the last week and a half! We have had 2 district meetings and we had exchanges. In our district meeting we are focused on finding people who are really interested and we learned some tricks to find that out. I used some of them later in the day and they worked so well!
          Because of the transfers we had there are only 2 Spanish sister training leaders, so ours speak English. On Tuesday we did exchanges and usually you get to leave your area, but since we cover the entire stake, I spent the day with Sister Savage in a more confined part of our area...and speaking English. I prayed in English about 5 times and every time it came out super awkward. It's been a while. On the bright side, because I can speak Spanish now we knocked on a door and the lady was from Mexico and I picked up a new investigator for me and Hermana Peabody! We also found 2 for the Gainesville ward. A pretty successful day! But that's not all, also there was a relief society activity and the theme was a "Fiesta", and I got Mexican for dinner and spoke some more Spanish with some of the members :)
         Orlando is doing well. The kids are still playing soccer every Sunday, which is pretty annoying because they can never come to church. But we taught about the Plan of Salvation and Orlando loved it!! He is an awesome guy and we are going to invite them to get baptized in May when we see them next. They love the Book of Mormon and all they are learning. It makes things easier for us!
DC Temple in April 2015
          This week we went to a less active member’s house and then she ended up giving us all this advice on life. We went in expecting to have to strengthen her, but in reality she just needed a ride to church and wanted to help us out :)
          As the weather continues to get better, the bugs are coming. There are nasty things over here and some of them are huge! It's pretty scary and my companion thinks it's hilarious sometimes. I guess that's what I get for having a dad that will take care of all of the bugs for me. :/
          I made up a new game this week. So, tomorrow is my halfway mark as a missionary, so we got a package from Hermana Peabody's mom with some Nerf guns which we have been enjoying. There are darts all over the apartment floor. But anyways, we were really distracted, so we had to say something in the room in Spanish and then we could shoot. I learned that there are a lot of little objects that I can't name. It's a work in progress!
          Cool miracle! There was a HUGE storm Monday night and a tornado warning, so we got a text from President telling us to stay where we were. So we were in a part member family home and we asked one of the ladies, Marta, why she wasn't baptized. She realized that she didn't have anything stopping her, so now she is preparing for the 9th of May. Please pray for her! She is so ready :)
          That's all for now, and I will have a P-day on Monday and I promise that a better letter will come. Love you!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly
Our trip to the temple!
Hns's Moberly and Peabody

Hurrah for Israel!
Manassas VA

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