Monday, April 27, 2015


Well, it’s only been 5 days since the last time I wrote, and honestly not much has happened. We have a couple new investigators with potential, but we will have lessons with them this week and we will find out if they are interested or prepared. The highlight of the week was definitely our Zone Conference on Friday! It was sad because it was President Riggs' last one :( He goes home in June, and it’s going to be really sad. But I wanted to share some of the things that I learned this week with you all :)

~Everything we learn and do goes back to our faith in Christ. He is the center of everything. When we aren't being obedient or when we are being obedient it depends on how strong our faith is in Him. When we know and understand more of the sacrifice He made for us, the more willing and able we are to do the right things. The more willing we are to make changes in our lives so that we can be happier and follow Christ even better. It is our faith unto repentance.

~There is a scripture in John 16:33. It says, "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." We have a promise that we will have trials in this life, but we will never have a trial too hard to overcome. Through Christ's atonement we can be better and have more strength.

~There are SO many promises in the scriptures, like the one listed above. One of my favorites is in Mosiah 29:20, "But behold, he did deliver them because they did humble themselves before him; and because they cried mightily unto him he did deliver them out of bondage; and thus doth the Lord work with his power in all cases among the children of men, extending the arm of mercy towards them that put their trust in him." We all have our own kind of bondage, but God is the same. He will ALWAYS help us if we are humble, if we pray, and if we put our trust in Him.

~ The Atonement is like a gift card. Christ paid the price and gave one to each of us. We should use it as often as we can, since he already paid for us. The only difference is that gift cards have an end amount, but the card we get from Christ is unlimited.

~Christ didn't only give himself at the end of his life, but He continually gave himself everyday as he made decisions. He had to be perfect in order to help us, so he gave and gave in every moment so that we can be happy in the end.

~Moroni 6:8, "But as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven." We will be forgiven for every sin when we have real intent. ONLY when we have real intent.

And then of course at the end of the training, President goes up and says, "You just learned how to be great parents!" 
This week has been pretty good! We keep working hard and studying and teaching as much as possible. I can feel your prayers for me, so thank you! I love you and miss you all!!!
Love always,

 Hermana Moberly

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