Monday, April 13, 2015

Embrace the Hispanity

DC Cherry Blossom Festival
             What a week! It has gone by SUPER fast! Good news, Hermana Peabody and I are still together here in Manassas, which means at least 5 more weeks together :)
This week we have had quite a few meetings and one of them was a Spanish Forum. So all of the Spanish speaking missionaries in the mission get together for a training. And guess who got to do that? That's right, me and Hermana Schultz :) We were asked to train them on talking to everyone, so we spent a lot of time talking about how to do that effectively. It was fun :) We were trained by President on the Gift of Tongues. We learned that the gift and charity go hand in hand. When we love the people like Christ would and when we are willing to do anything for them we are more sensitive to the Spirit and it comes so much quicker. We can understand better and we can help more when we really love people.
We have a couple new investigators this week, so that's good! We met a woman from Guatemala. We talked to some of the people in her house a couple times, but when she saw us she made them let us in, because she had a dream about us and was told to let us in. So she fed us and we talked about the gospel. Long story short, she is now listening to the lessons! Those Spanish suenos (dreams), they're real.
Haidy is doing well. We are supposed to have a couple lessons with her each week, but we always end up with only one. So between each visit more doubts come up and then we fix them, and the next lesson is the same. I wish that she wasn't so busy so that she could experience the full joy that the gospel would bring into her life.
Orlando and family are also right on track! On Monday night we had a member at a lesson with us and they talked the whole time and so many doubts were helped. Then on Wednesday they ALL came to mutual, so the boys went with the young men and the parents and us had a lesson. After we started our ward mission leader came in and joined us, and then one by one the entire bishopric came in as well. So we had a super powerful lesson and they loved it. They are totally coming back every week for that :)
 I have talked to a few people in English and they know that missionaries come from all over the world. But I have been asked 4 times now where I'm from because of my "accent". It can't be from the Spanish, especially after only 9 months of non-constant Spanish. So I guess I have somewhat of an accent now, but I don't think I have changed at all!
Another new investigator is Erika. We met her outside her house talking to a neighbor in Spanish. We were checking on a potential, but we saw her instead. After we showed her Because He Lives she opened right up and told us she had depression. So we shared parts of the Book of Mormon with her and she loved it. We have seen her a few times and she loves when we come over. This week has been really good for finding new people.
WWII Memorial
This transfer we are working on using the Book of Mormon in all of the missionary work. We want to give away as many as we can and use scriptures specifically from the Book of Mormon in every lesson or contact we make. Also we have a goal to finish reading the Book by the end of the transfer :) Feel free to join us! We know that the Book of Mormon has so much power and helps every person that gives place for it in their lives. If you aren't reading it, start now!
Sorry I don't have much more, but I have a ton of Pictures, so don't worry! We went to DC again today for the cherry blossom festival and it was really pretty! Love you and miss you!

Hermana Moberly

Lincoln Memorial with Hna Peabody

Lincoln Memorial 2
Little Bit of Home

I Mustache You A Question...

Resting from A LOT of walking


The Metro

The District

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