Sunday, June 14, 2015

6 Packs

June 1 2015
IT’S JUNE! How did that happen? Is anyone else as surprised as I am? That's crazy! Time just won't slow down.
This week went by super fast! We went to Maryland three times :) Only to the visitor's center at the temple. We watched Meet the Mormons twice! Once in English and once in Spanish. Those people are just so incredible! I don't think I could get tired of that movie :) It’s too good. Also, I got sick this week, so I spent a little extra time sleeping. That always makes time go faster. Then, like usual, because I was sick my voice decided to stop working, so I have been voiceless for a few days. Yesterday was the worst day and Hermana Christensen and I taught Gospel Principles at church. Let’s just say that no one would ever want to hear my singing right now ;) haha
Mission news: We have Tiwis now, which aren't nearly as bad as we thought they were. We can drive just like we used to without a problem. It just has a creepy voice and we have to log in every morning. It tells you to check your speed when you are going 10 over, which isn't bad!
We have what's called an Area Book, which is a record of every person the missionaries have talked to in this area. The one that we have for this area is HUGE! And we have to have it all transferred onto the iPads by we have been staying up and using all of our free time to get it all in before the sixth. We are trying to convince our district to help us after our meeting tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. As soon as we finish getting it all in we are getting back onto facebook and other online things, but it'll be a lot better now! So get ready! :)
We went on exchanges this week and Hermana Mensinger came to Bella Vista with me! But I forgot to get a picture with her :( sorry. It was awesome! We found some new investigators and learned a lot from each other. I've always loved exchanges because you learn so much. And since I get to go 4 times this transfer I learn even more! It’s the best and I love it :)
One of the days that I was really sick I was texting someone and wrote "muy gracias" instead of "muchas gracias". That's like saying thanks very instead of thank you very much...oops :)
Hermana Christensen and I have decided that we are going to have 6 packs by the end of this transfer because we just laugh and laugh whenever we are together. It’s the best!
That's all I have for this week, sorry it’s kind of lame. A lot more has happened, but there is no time! I have seen so many miracles and I wish I could tell you them all, but there will be time for that later. God's plan is perfect! He puts us where we need to be when we need to be there and He guides us. Even though things might seem to be going wrong, that is how He wants it to happen and it will only be for the best, even if it is hard!
Love you and miss you! Have a great week :)
 Hermana Moberly

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