Sunday, June 14, 2015

Christmas and Morphosis

May 25, 2015
     What a week we have had over here! So many miracles :) I'll start off with a little bit of what happened last week. Hermana Christensen and I planned and set up a wedding last Saturday! The Elders in our ward were there trying to set up the reception, but it didn't look very good and they were more than happy to leave us in charge, so we took care of it and Lesly was so happy :)
     On Monday night this week I stole an idea from past family home evenings and we made a scavenger hunt. We had a bunch of scriptures that led to the next clue. It was a lesson on enduring to the end, which was really good for all of the recent converts that came. They
loved it!
     During district meeting this week, one of the elders was talking about a very rich area of our ward and he said that one of their investigators was "raking in the dough". There is an elder from Mexico in the district as well, and he has only been here for 4 years, so when he heard that he was thinking about cookie dough. Someone asked how to say that in Spanish, so we translated it normally to earning lots of money. And he was sitting there and says, "Oh, so dough means money!" And it was hilarious! Hahaha
     This week while we were driving we hit a snake. Out of all of the animals possible, it was a snake...but it didn't die, so we went back and took a picture of it :)
     The title of this email is Christmas and Morphosis, because a little girl was trying to remember our names and that is what we got :)
     We had exchanges this week, which was super cool! Weird that I was on the trainer side this time. I went back to Sudley, but on the opposite side of where I was and I was with Hermana Mugleston (she truly is a muggle because she hasn't even seen or read any Harry Potter). It was so cool, because in one lesson, we walked in and we sat down and I just had a wave of love come over me. I was just sitting there before we really even started talking to her, and I already felt so much love for her. The lesson went so well and it was one of the best experiences that I have had so far! I loved it :)
     Every morning we use a Jillian Michaels video, so I'm learning how to kick box! I got a new chair for my desk this week, because I have fallen over in it multiple times. One of the wheels was broken, so the weight made it fall over very easily.
This Wednesday we are getting something called Tiwis. They are a permanent backseat driver that talks to you and tells you to slow down. Lucky us! If we get three marks against us, we will have our driving privileges taken wish me luck!
     Tonight we are going to the Visitor's Center with our investigator, Angel. He is on date to be baptized on the 13 of June, so please pray that he will be prepared. Another investigator we have is from El Salvador. She just escaped from her abusive husband and was taking lessons from missionaries there. She is so prepared, but she can't be baptized because she can only leave a mile radius from her house and the chapel is 1.8 miles away. It's really frustrating, but we wrote a letter to her parole officer so that she can leave for three hours every Sunday for church only. Please keep her in your prayers as well.
     We found this amazing family on Saturday night. We looked for Hispanic names on white pages and we found theirs. We knocked and they said that they have been looking for a church. Then they came to church yesterday and they are so excited to have us come over this week to teach them more. Maria, Cindi, and Liz are so cute and we are so excited about this family!
     At this point, 9 of our investigators are progressing and we plan to have 8 of them on date to be baptized at the end of the week. We are really seeing so many miracles every day and we know that the Lord is helping us. There is no other explanation. We are working so hard and literally loving every single minute! I love you and miss you all, please keep me in your prayers so that I can accomplish my goals that I have made. Have a wonderful week! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

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