Sunday, June 14, 2015

Six Flags

June 8 2015
I feel like I have been riding roller coasters all week! We have had so many ups and downs and twists, but it’s been fun :) I am still learning more than I ever thought was possible. We started off the week by finishing putting all of our paper records onto the iPad Area Book, which took forever, so we are finally going to bed on time! :) Thanks to our district, they all stayed with us for two hours after district meeting and we put it all in. Such a relief! Then, we had exchanges with the other Hermanas in our ward. Hermana Tate came to our side with me and the two Hermana Christensen's were together in Arlington. It was awesome because we found a bunch of new investigators that are really solid. Because we are on exchanges so often, one of our investigators knows me, Hermana Christensen, Hna Mensinger, Hna Tate, and tomorrow she will meet Hna Peabody when we have our last set of exchanges this transfer. Quite the variety :)
This investigator is incredible and golden! We found her a couple weeks ago and we have been seeing her at least twice a week. This last week we also started teaching her boyfriend and her brother in law. They are doing so well and reading their assignments and praying. They are going to progress really fast. They were supposed to be at church on Sunday, but they didn't come, and we will figure it all out tomorrow. We are so excited for them though!
We found a young man named Andres and that lesson was amazing. We knocked on his door because we found his teaching record in the paper area book, so we stopped by. At first it was kind of crazy because he really didn't want to listen, but we were so ready to teach and the Spirit was so strong that as soon as we started explaining the truth of the gospel he stopped arguing and listened and got really interested. He started asking questions and it was so powerful. Usually when we talk to people in English we stumble over the words, but this time was basically perfect. The words were provided by the Spirit. There were questions that he asked that I didn't know how to respond to, but my companion did. And then there were questions that she didn't know how to answer, but I did. It was so incredible and it felt so good. Now he is listening to missionaries again and we get to talk even more :)
This week we had MLC (mission leadership conference) which was incredible. We talked a lot about establishing a culture for the mission for when our new mission president comes. It was really cool because we talked about the good and bad things about the mission culture now and we came up with a lot of ideas to make it better. It all came down to just having charity, the pure love of Christ. When we have charity for one another and for our investigators we will work harder and be more unified. So now on exchanges we will start training the Hermanas on charity...which means that I have to work even harder to have charity! I wouldn't say that I don't have charity, because I love a lot of people, but there is always more that I can do, so for the rest of my life I want to keep praying and using my charity. We also played a game of speed with all of the 50ish missionaries there and I came in 7th! I was so close, but then Hermana Pettit got me out. It was super fun! And President Riggs won again.
On Wednesday we had interviews with President, which was incredible as usual. He is an amazing man and I love him so much. He gave me a blessing and it helped me focus on my purpose and help so many more people. He has so much gospel knowledge and answered all of my questions perfectly. I am going to miss him so much! He is leaving at the end of this transfer, which will be on the 26th.
You know that we have been working hard because we had 6 investigators at sacrament meeting and 5 less active/recent converts at church. IT WAS AMAZING! It’s so incredible to see the progress of the people here and how much they are learning. I'm so lucky to be a missionary here and now. I love every minute, even if it hurts sometimes. There is nothing else I would rather do. Thank you for all of your prayers! You are the best! Love you :)


 Hermana Moberly

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