Monday, June 15, 2015


Another week is gone, which leaves us with less than two weeks left in the transfer. Crazy how fast it flies. I'm pretty sure I say this every week too, but it blows my mind!
Last week we had our zone activity, so we went and played "beach" volleyball at a sand court in Arlington and had a BBQ. Also, Hermana Christensen brought her soccer ball, and since we aren't allowed to play soccer we just passed with it for a while. It is SO humid here, it’s really gross. But I get to be in the sun more! That means that I'm not as white ;) There's been some pretty nice storms lately too. It’s weird because it’s so hot that you don't want to put a jacket on, but you don't want to get wet at the same time. It’s a difficult decision! Haha
On Tuesday we had a zone training based on what we learned in MLC last week, so there isn't much more to say about that, except that I was asked to give a 5-8 minute talk on repentance. My life has changed a lot, because it was weird for me to be the one doing all of the talking without my companion on my side as well. Before I was just fine talking and talking and talking, but now it’s awkward or me to be there alone. Missions.
Our investigator, Carmen, is doing really well. This last time we met with her we talked more about the Book of Mormon and where it came from. She loved it and has been reading it since we gave it to her. She believes that it’s true and wants to be we just have to get her married to the father of her kids! They are planning on moving out of the state in a month and she wanted to know what she can do to stay with the church. She is awesome!!
On Wednesday I went to the Olive Garden for the first time, and it was super good! I loved it. Our recent convert, Eder, took us :)
On Thursday we did exchanges and I got to go to Sudley with Hermana Riddle. It was super fun, but like most exchanges, every appointment fell through, so we did a lot of knocking on doors and meeting new people. I got to see one of the families that I was teaching before and it was so fun.
On Friday night we started teaching about family history, and for one of them we used the little girl's Barbie’s. It made it so much easier to understand that with family history we won't know all that we need to and that we can always go to others to help us find more information. So Kristoff and Flynn Rider helped us out to teach Brenda to start looking for her family by talking to grandparents and other family members that remember more.
The Deza's are getting sealed in the temple this week and they invited Hermana Pettit and I to go with them! We are going to the endowment session and the sealing! I'm so excited! I started crying when they called me and invited me to come :) They are incredible and I can't wait to be there with them on that special day!
Hermana Christensen and I have found out that missions really help you find some more talents. We have set up for many parties and we're actually really good at it...but maybe it comes from all the practice ;) Haha
This work is so amazing and I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be here and learn all of these things. I see so many miracles everyday and I know it is because the Lord trusts our companionship. Thank you for all of your prayers. I love you all!! Have a great Fathers Day :)


 Hermana Moberly

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