Monday, September 21, 2015

Transfers in Bella Vista

August 10, 2015
What a week I have had! I'm sure most of you saw my pictures on my iCloud album :) So as you can see a ton of things happened! First of all, we ate Chick-fil-a two days in a row and we should be going again tonight. I think I am addicted to it! We went once with Karen and once with Angel. Speaking of Angel, HE GOT CONFIRMED SUNDAY AND IS OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH! I'm so excited and happy for him! He is going to be a great member and we're going to start using him as a member present as soon as we can :)
We had Spanish Forum on Tuesday, so me and Hermana Christensen trained on Online Proselyting, which was really cool. We found a lot more effective ways to use facebook as a proselyting tool and how to not waste time on it. We were trained by the Spanish zone leaders on finding joy in the missionary work, and by the other sister training leaders on member work. So overall it was a review of what we have been working on the last few transfers and just reminding us of how we can do it better. Since Hna Christensen and I were still getting over being sick, we got home and passed out for a while because we were so dead. I guess you can't just get back to working 100% right after being sick for a week.
Wednesday we spent the day teaching little lessons and taking Hna Christensen to say goodbye to a bunch of investigators and members that we have grown really close to. It was kind of sad and just made me realize that I don't want to leave Bella Vista ever!
Thursday was transfer day and I lost Hermana Christensen to Hermana Pettit, but my companion now is Hermana McMillan, who was also my companion in the MTC, so it’s been super fun for the last few days. One of my favorite things is being able to see how much we have really learned and grown over the last year. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the changes that we have gone through, but being together now helps us see them so clearly and I love it. It motivates me to continue to be better for the little time I have left. I know it’s going to pass by fast and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Also, we had some more changes in the ward! So my first transfer we had 8 missionaries, two sets of elders and two of hermanas. So we set up the areas and figured out where everyone was serving. Then my second transfer here we lost a set of elders, and split the ward into 3, one for each companionship. This transfer we got that set of elders back and now we have gone back to the original set up and areas. So it has been an adventure. But there were two new elders that came in and both of them are here in Bella Vista and it’s so nice! We have some new elders who are so excited to work and baptize, so it will be refreshing for our old district. Two of the missionaries are going home at the end of this transfer.
Thursday night was a miracle night. Hna McMillan and I were so excited to be together and so unified and we had some awesome lessons. We saw a miracle because we went to this house to contact a referral and found him home at a time that he is usually never home. It was really cool because we talked a lot and he asked a bunch of questions and the spirit was so powerful and really guided the lesson. We also talked to Sindi's mom and found out what she wants in order for Sindi to be baptized, which is for us to teach all of the lessons, her to pass the baptismal interview, and to receive an answer from God that she needs to be baptized on a specific day. That is totally possible and very soon! God's plan is perfect and it will happen when it needs to, but we are going to do everything that we can to get it done soon. The blessings are so real!
We had the opportunity to go to a baptism last night, and we almost didn't go. But it was a good thing because we ended up performing a musical number. And one of our investigators showed up because he couldn't come to church. It was awesome to see how he started progressing and it was a miracle that we were able to start teaching him in the house of another investigator.
Saturday was a super busy day! We had meetings all morning until 1 o'clock. Because a woman in the ward had bed bugs, we had to help her on Friday move everything 3 feet away from the walls and put all of their things in bags and empty the closets. So Friday we spent 4 hours doing that and ran out of time for weekly planning. So on Saturday after our meetings we did weekly planning. Then we went to the Nationals game!! It was so much fun and really weird at the same time. There was so much music that I didn't know and SO many missionaries. Both of the Washington DC missions were there, so there were about 400 of us.
So this week was crazy, but I have gotten really good at finding joy in the work! I'm loving every minute and I love being busy. Life isn't easy, but it’s not supposed to be. If it was easy we would never grow. I hope all of you can go through your week and think about that. Even if things are hard, it’s better for you than if things were easy. LOVE YOU!


 Hermana Moberly

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