Monday, September 21, 2015

September is Coming

August 31, 2015
Time keeps flying, my Spanish keeps getting better, and my English keeps getting worse. I think it would be safe to say that I speak fluent Spanglish. It’s a bit of a struggle, haha. This week has been the fastest of my mission.
Last week we went to the Zoo in DC, so that was pretty cool, but it was really hot! I think I'm finally getting a bit of my tan back though, so that's good :) We ran into a few members when we were there and it was fun to stop and talk to them!
That night we went to dinner with a family in the ward and the whole time they were telling us to not get married until we were at least 28 years old, haha. They are really funny and very strong in their beliefs, now we just need to get them to share the gospel with their friends like that!
Sindi and family are doing well! They came to stake conference yesterday, which was amazing! Sindi continues to grow and see changes in her life, but her mom isn't seeing it as much. It’s so frustrating that that is the only thing keeping her from baptism :(
We met with Angel again for the first time in a while and he's doing alright. He's just seeing a lot of temptations and going through some hard things, which is normal for after baptism. We recently started teaching his cousin, Marifer, who is married to a member in the English ward. It’s strange because she hardly speaks English and he speaks zero Spanish. Not quite sure how it works, but it has for 3 years. We talked to her about eternal marriage and that is one of her goals, so we are going to teach her and get her there as soon as possible :)
Denis and family also are doing really well! We have had a lot of really good and spiritual lessons with them. They have been coming to church and Denis has now been to two baptisms and his wife to one. They are getting really close to being baptized and they already have a lot of friends that are fellowshipping them in the ward, which makes the process go twice as fast!
One reason that this week went so fast is because we went on double exchanges. On Wednesday afternoon I went over to Springlake with Hermana DeBry while Hermana Peabody came here. Then the next day at noon we switched companions and went straight to meet Hermanas Mugleston and Mensinger, and I went there. I didn't get back to Bella Vista until Friday afternoon. It was pretty awesome because somehow I made it through the whole time without a problem! We had some fun experiences and saw some miracles. When I was with Hermana Mugleston we knocked on a door and an Arabic family let us in and gave us three different drinks and didn't exactly understand our English. It was weird because we ended with a prayer and they asked us to face east and wanted us to come back really soon. I felt pretty lost when we were in there because I had no idea how to teach these people. I am so grateful that I get to be in the Spanish program and teach Hispanics. I feel like I know them lot better :) I think I've turned a little bit Hispanic in this short time that I have had with them. I found myself saying certain phrases in Spanish today at our zone activity because I'm not used to people not understanding me.
This Saturday was another busy day (no surprise there) because we moved all of Bella Vista's stuff to a different building. This last week we added another English ward to the McLean Stake, so we got kicked out of the stake center, and starting this week we will be meeting in a different building. It’s pretty fun! The building has two stories and it’s really interesting, but it is pretty small, so hopefully we will all fit! But this change is exciting :)
My testimony just keeps growing more and more every week. I love seeing the things that happen because of the work that we do. Our investigators have been progressing a lot recently and there should be a lot of baptisms in the near future. I think one of my favorite things in the mission is that even when we work hard and may not teach very many lessons I still know that the Lord is proud of me and I am doing what he wants me to do. And I now that is what I want for the rest of my life! So I invite you all to do that as well. Just do your best and let the grace of the Atonement help you. And even then if you don't accomplish what you want, you can be happy because you did what God wanted you to :) Love you all! Have a great week :)


 Hermana Moberly

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