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August 24, 2015 McLean VA

August 24, 2015
We have had so many meetings recently, I feel like I spend most of my time in the church buildings! This week was Zone Conference and we learned a lot. What we focused on most this time was on working with the members of the ward. It was awesome! We even got to do a little bit of training for everyone else! We trained on having an effective member present lesson , involving how to prepare them, who to bring, and how to make sure to always have a member there. It turned out really well and it was an awesome discussion that was super revelatory for everyone. It's probably one of the biggest differences between English and Spanish, so we shared a lot of ideas. One thing that President Huntsman shared blew all of our minds. Did you all know that it talks about member present lessons in the Book of Mormon? Alma's ministry among the same people as Abinadi is so much more effective because he came from among the people. Alma didn't have very much success in Ammonihah until he started teaching with Amulek, one of the members from the city. And finally, Lamoni helped Ammon get in to all of the doors that he wouldn't have been able to enter alone. The members are so important! It’s like a catalyst for the missionary work.
I went on an exchange this week with Hermana Brown! We just moved the areas around again, so these Hermanas went back to where they were working before, but with almost zero investigators, so we spent the day knocking on doors. We were able to talk to a few people, but they all tried running away, so they were very short gospel conversations. But we left them with our number and a Restoration folleto and we wrote down their addresses so that we could come back. It was pretty fun, even if there weren't many lessons taught.
We went to the Visitor's Center one night this week with Adan! It was pretty good, the lesson went alright, but the spirit was strong at the temple and we had really good conversations in the car on the way there and on the way home. We might be dropping him this week though because he isn't keeping any commitments, which is really sad. But that may help him realize the difference the gospel can have in someone's life.
Things are progressing with Sindi! She is super awesome :) She is living with real intent. This last week we taught the Word of Wisdom and she sent us a text asking if a certain kind of tea was good or bad because she didn't want to drink it if it was against the commandment. She is so great. She learns everything super fast and remembers it and puts it into practice. Now we just have to help her parents see her progress and be confident that she is ready to be baptized like she wants to! Please pray for her! Also for Angel. Satan is working hard with him right now. It’s a really big change in his life and it’s been a hard adjustment, but he is trying!
We had lesson with a family on Thursday night. It started off with just one man in the house, but when we left we taught about 6 people. The spirit was so strong and almost all of them were feeling and agreeing with the message of the Restoration. It was so cool, and it happened mainly due to the fact that Gerardo and Katie (two members from Bella Vista) were there with us. It was so cool!
Saturday was one of the best days of my mission! It was so much fun! We had a ward sports activity were we played volleyball and soccer. We had a ton of people there and we got to play for a few hours. It helped the ward get to know us because we had a missionaries vs ward game (naturally we won) and there were lots of non-members as well.
Sunday we had a baptism where the Spirit was so strong and there weren't enough chairs or space for everyone that came. But Rolando, from Little River came and I was so happy so it just topped off my day. Then we went to a member's house for Chimichurris, which are the Argentine form of hot dogs and they were delicious.
Summary of the week, good food, lots of Spiritual experiences for everyone, lots of love, and time is going way too fast. Love you all!


 Hermana Moberly

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