Monday, September 21, 2015

McLean Zone Supers

September 21, 2015
Transfer week. I didn't get transferred :) so I get another 6 weeks in the Bella Vista ward, which is super exciting and happy :) The only sad thing is that the other Hermanas in the ward were taken from us and we got another set of elders, so now we are the only Hermanas in the ward with three sets of elders. With transfers and everything else that has happened it blows my mind that I'm sitting down to email
again. It always surprises me, but then I think about everything that we have done this week and I'm amazed.
Monday was a pretty strange day. We went to Cafe Rio with Eder, which was awesome and delicious. He is amazing and every time I talk to him I forget that he was only just baptized in March, right before I got to this area. He's progressing so fast in his knowledge of the gospel and I love hearing more of his life's story when we see him. He's amazing! After that we had a FHE at a member's house. 3 of our investigators were supposed to come, but none of them showed up. We couldn't leave because it had already started and we just assumed that they were late, so that was pretty disappointing.
Tuesday we had the best Spanish Forum that I have ever been to. Me and my companion got to do a little bit of training on missionary work in general, so we talked mainly about key indicators and being a successful missionary. We also talked about how because our mission is close and all the missionaries are really close together, that we need to be focused on the work and the area, not the friends and missionaries. It went pretty well! The Zone leaders talked about obedience and the other sister training leaders talked about gossip. The difference during this Spanish Forum was that instead of just realizing the things that we were doing wrong or could do better, we were all really inspired to improve and that we could make those changes.
That night we found out all transfer information. We got a list of all the missionaries, where they are going, who their companions will be and everything. It was a great change. We found out that I was staying in Bella Vista another transfer so we celebrated with Marisabel and got some McDonald's French fries :)
Wednesday we learned how to make milanesa, which is absolutely delicious and probably my favorite Hispanic food. Our less active taught us and we got to know her a lot better that night. It was super fun! We also went to look for one of the youth and on accident taught one of the elder's investigators :) haha, oops!
Thursday was great because we had a really good dinner with Hermana Reynolds and then had a great lesson with the Maltez family (Sindi and her mom and sister). Hermana Salazar came with us and now she is Sindi's ride to most activities! And because Sindi's mom knows her it's even better! On our way out I saw the biggest spider that I have ever seen in my life on the stairs. It wasn't moving and I had to pass
it. Hermana Salazar was at the top of the steps telling me to run, so I did. When I looked back, there were two men laughing at me. We told them that there was a spider and as we were walking to the car we heard one of them gasp when they went to look at it, which made me feel a little bit better about myself :)
Friday was supposed to be weekly planning, but because we had transfers the day before our area book app was having issues. In the transfer process we were renamed Bella Vista C instead of B, so we got the wrong area book and all of the info that we needed was gone. That made things pretty difficult because we didn't have addresses,
scheduled appointments, names, numbers, or anything. It was finally fixed on Sunday morning, so now we are good!

Sunday we had a baptism in the ward and it was great because three of our investigators were able to attend and see it :) then we had a lesson with Angel's cousin which went really well. She has been praying about getting baptized and she is so close already. We made a goal this week to see 8 baptisms this transfer, so please pray for the
following names so they can get there soon: Cesar, Xiomara, Teresa, Dennis, Ingris, Marifer, Sindi, Norma, and Brenda. Love you all! Miracles happen through prayer! Have a great week :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

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