Thursday, December 3, 2015

16 Months :0

November 23, 2015

My time is running out, so I'm running as fast as I can :) Literally and figuratively, haha. Last week on pday after emailing we had our zone activity, and we played soccer. Its been a really long time since I played, like a really, really long time. So this week was a little rough the next few days. I don't ever remember being so sore! Haha, I guess that's what I get for trying to play so hard when I'm so out of shape, oops.

We've decided that instead of having office elders, Hermana Villanueva and I are going to be the office hermanas :) Haha, just kidding, but we have spent a lot of time in the mission office that last couple of days trying to work out some visa stuff. All is well now, so we don't have to go back for a while! That'll be nice because we can go out and teach instead :) Most of the time that we were their my companion was on he phones and computers, so I fixed our area book! We had a lot of people with out their full information and a lot of people that we have met that weren't in there yet. The weird part about it was that I enjoyed it. I basically sat there on my iPad for a few hours with millions of sticky notes with information and organized it all. Weird that I found joy in that, haha. But now its pretty and we have almost all the information that we need.

On Friday we had a choir practice. Fun fact, the missionaries in the Washington DC South Mission are singing in the visitor's center on Christmas Eve! So if you know people around here, send them to the temple visitor's center on December 24th :)

We had some pretty amazing lessons this week. One of them we taught in English, which was really strange. But it was good becaseu I really felt the Spirit directing us in what we were saying. The woman didn't accept anything except a pamphlet, she wouldn't touch the Book of Mormon, even though its the evidence of all that we are teaching, but I walked away content and I knew that we had done the best we could and the rest was for her to decide. The other lessons were filled with the spirit and had positive effects. We have some incredible new investigators and they will be getting baptized very soon if they don't disappear like the rest of our investigators!

We've accidentally taken some of the elders investigators too :) haha, I'm not even sure how it keeps happening because its been different every time. I kind of feel bad because we're taking them, but they have other things to do too, and they let us have them. Oh well!

The weeks are getting shorter and the end is coming closer. But this week I am grateful for all that I have learned and all of the changes that I have made and experienced. I know the gospel needs to be the center of our lives in order for us to experience true and lasting joy. Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving :)

 Hermana Moberly

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