Monday, December 14, 2015

Transfer Week

December 7, 2015

It has been another crazy week! So much has happened in the last few days I don't think I'm going to be able to write it all, but I'll try!

Last Monday after emailing we went to DC for the day! We walked around in the rain for an hour and a half, but we got a lot done! We saw the Washington Monument, World War II memorial, Lincoln, Korea, Martin Luther King Jr, and Jefferson Memorial. It was pretty fun and we got tons of pictures. We were walking around and my companion mentioned that it felt like there was water in her boots and I did too, but we figured that it was the cold...when we got home we figured out that we really were wet, but we didn't know how that happened. A couple days later I found a hole in the bottom of my boot, but we still don't know about the others. And because of that day I got sick this week, so on Wednesday I was told by the mission doctor that I couldn't go out and proselyte. We also had gotten our flu shots earlier that day. So it was a little bit rough. I got sent to the Doctor the next day, and that was a waste of time because the doctor told me to take vitamin C and zinc, which are already both in my vitamins that I take every day. And she basically ran out of the room, so it was strange.

Aside from all of that, the week went really well! We had a Skype lesson on Monday night that went pretty well. We talked about the importance of going to church, and specifically the importance of knowing which church to go to. I love that I get to teach this every day, because it helps me remember really how important all of this is and how much God loves each of us, but especially me. :)

Luis is progressing little by little! We got him to the temple visitor's center to see the lights and the Christmas devotional and he loved it! Rolando is his new buddy in church. Speaking of Rolando, this Sunday he got a calling and he is now a ward missionary!!! I'm so happy :) Its the perfect calling for him, because now he's going to be a part of missionary work pretty much daily between the 3 companionships that we have.

We also went to the TVC on Thursday and Friday night. We had Luis Fernando and Javier come with us. Javier is a newer investigator, but is currently preparing to be baptized on the 4th of January! When we went to the TVC on Friday we went on exchanges with the sisters that work there in the temple and we were TVC Hermanas for the night. It was interesting because instead of us going out and finding people we had to wait for the people to come in and then we could talk to them. But we met people from all over and got lots of referrals :) I don't think that I could be a TVC Hermana because I didn't enjoy sitting and waiting, I like going out and doing things.

We had a training for the members of our ward on Saturday, which went really, really well. It was effective and the members that went had fun with our practice teach and they are more inspired to share the gospel. The only problem is that 14 people we're going to do it again and we'll get more people to come and our ward is going to get even better. We can work so much better with the members and they can know better their role in missionary work.

I think that's basically what happened this week. Since we watched the Christmas Devotional in the TVC they didn't have any translation, so Hna Villanueva got to translate during the program for our group. It was interesting, because there are words in English that I don't understand, some that I couldn't say in Spanish, but overall it was really fun and successful. I realized that I know more Spanish than I give myself credit for. And its easy to translate for people that you love :) We had a huge group with us, we took 4 cars and 19 people, it was awesome! I love this work, these people, and this gospel. I can't picture myself being happier anywhere else in the world! Love you all! Have a great week!

 Hermana Moberly

Korean War Memorial
Batman Hat!

I've Worn Out My Boots
Temple Visitor Center

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