Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Faith Brings Miracles!

December 14, 2015

This week has seriously been so crazy and it went by so fast! I'm limited on time because we had our zone activity today and we played soccer for 3 hours and we also made our Christmas card! so we have about 30 minutes and I have to email lots of people :) Sorry!

We made it to the temple 3 times this week and we were working there one night, so it was fun. That night the Little River ward decided to go, so we saw a lot of people!

My last companion is currently in Mexico and I miss her like crazy, but my new companion is Hermana Craner, from Arizona/Utah and she is awesome! I love her already and we have been working really hard. Last transfer we basically spent the whole time finding people and teaching lesson 1 about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and recently we have been teaching lesson 2, the Plan of Salvation a lot. I love teaching lesson 2 because the center of it all is the Atonement of Jesus Christ.. If he hadn't come to suffer and die for us, there's no way that we could ever return to live with God. And there is also an emphasis on living the commandment and doing good here in the world. I love it!

We had a little adventure this week. We are allowed to drive to the temple in our mission cars only if we are going to work there. So on Saturday we were going to work, and the GPS took us through DC, so we drove up to Maryland through DC and it was the coolest thing ever. There are some amazing, beautiful things there. Fun fact, we passed by a graveyard that looked exactly like Lord of the Rings. I hope you all got to see the pictures and videos on my iCloud, they're pretty good!

Miracles this week. I love when I know that the Lord is in charge of the work. This week we found a few people that were former investigators because that's what the Spirit told us to do. We were where we needed to be by following the Spirit during daily planning, and he led us to where we needed to go while we were there. It was so cool! I'll write more about these people next week. Some of them had a baptismal date and then they went to El Salvador, so now I know why they disappeared on me!

Love you all! Have a great week! Good luck to those of you who have tests this week :) Have fun!

 Hermana Moberly

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