Thursday, December 3, 2015

Not Much New

November 9, 2015

Well, I just sent you all an email only four days ago, so not much has happened since then! But I'll share the bigger things :)

Thursday night we had an awesome lesson, the only weird thing is that it was over the phone. We were going to meet with an investigator, but we were running late and it was really far from where we were, so we just called him instead. His name is Luis and he's progressing more than most of our investigators. He's been reading the Book of Mormon, going to church, praying, everything. The only problem is that he doesn't think there is a need for a prophet today and doesn't believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So we've been getting him into the Book of Mormon so that when he knows that it is true all of his other doubts will be eliminated! So we talked to him on the phone and it was really cool because the Spirit was definitely dominating the conversation and we were able to clear some of his doubts and know what to do next while we talked about the tree of life and Lehi's vision. Then the next night we went to the Temple Visitors Center and watched The Testaments with him and the spirit was super strong. Another problem we can see of his is that the spirit is working with him, but he is denying just because of the way that he was raised and everything. So we're helping him recognize that as well and accepting it. But as soon as he knows the book of Mormon is true he will be baptized probably the next day. But he is progressing and he'll get there :)

We should be having a baptism this week on Friday, but we will be having the interview on Tuesday night. Her name is Yesenia and she has a pretty interesting situation, but the important thing is that a door was opened for her to get baptized and we're taking it! She's been investigating for years, but given her situation she was unable until now. But we are so happy, please pray for her that all will work out!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty interesting days. We had a ton of appointments set with some awesome people and literally all of them were cancelled. So we knocked on doors all day long. The weirdest part about all of it was that we never got rejected really, just that no one answered the doors. And it was pretty cold. It was a very strange weekend. Also on Sunday we were given 5 meals. One after our correlation meeting, a late lunch appointment, an early dinner appointment, and surprise dinner appointment, and also one of the members made food for us and left it in the fridge at church. Our refrigerator is now full, so that's good! Also, Sunday night we were looking for less actives in our area and we found one named Sonia. Cool story is that I was at her baptism back in February right before I left for Sudley. 

So not much has happened, but we're working a lot and I'm really tired, haha. I guess that happens after 15 months of doing this everyday. But its all worth it and I'm still loving every minute, so I hope you never think that I am unhappy. Love you all! Have a great week :)

 Hermana Moberly

The Deza's

Hermana Sanchez, her husband and a friend

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