Thursday, December 3, 2015

Transfer Week

October 26, 2015

It's here again! Remember last time how I was so sure that I was
leaving Bella Vista and then stayed? Yeah, I don't think that's going
to happen again, but you never know. God's plan can be really
different from our plan. Bella Vista has been a place where I have
grown and learned so much, but I'm not sure how much it has left to
teach me! Most likely I will be in a new area this week and finish out
my mission there. But crazier things have happened, I could even
finish here in Bella Vista!

What a week it has been! Just as crazy and busy and miraculous as ever
:). We went on two mini exchanges this week where we only switched for
a few hours and it was really fun and really effective. Hermana Craner
spent the day with me here in Bella Vista on Tuesday so that I could
follow up on how she's doing with everything. We also had one of the
strangest lessons ever. We started teaching this one lady but she said
she had to go to work and sent someone else in the house out to meet
us and so we got a new investigator. It was pretty cool :) Hermana
DeBry came to me on Thursday and we did some knocking and talked to a
guy named Norman who told us there were more Hispanics down the
street. So we knocked on the one he pointed to and a guy named Lee
opened the door. He's from Vietnam, and I didn't understand anything
he was saying. Haha, but it was pretty fun anyways!

At the beginning of the week my companion and I were talking about
finding methods and she said that she had never seen anything come
from white pages, so I determined that we were going to show her that
white pages bring miracles, because they do! We found a lady named
Lucy this week who met with missionaries a few years ago, but stopped
because she moved. She never got in contact with them and then we
knocked on her door! More white pages success, but I'll talk about
that when I explain our finding fest :)

We had Spanish Forum this week and it was another really good one. We
didn't have to present any training from our companionship, which is a
relief, because I couldn't remember what Spanish Forum was like
without being up there teaching. It was much more relaxed and
revelatory. The main focus was on our purpose and how we need to react
upon it. We are called by revelation and we have something that too
many people don't have. We need to be excited and work as hard as we
can to share it.

Saturday we had a finding fest. It started around 2:30, so between
then and 9 o'clock that night we found 5 new investigators! It was a
miracle. One of them is Andrea. The English elders met with her
before, but she prefers Spanish, so we got to go see her instead. She
is golden. She has studied with a lot of different churches, but still
hasn't found what she's looking for, so when we told her the story of
Joseph Smith she really related to it. That will be nice because she
will be more willing to study and pray like he did so she can get an
answer. We found 2 Joses. They are good friends and were sitting out
on their porch. They were super open and accepted some materials and
invited us to come back. The only bummer is that we will probably send
the elders because it'll be a lot easier for them. Then we had a zone
pizza dinner around 5 and went to work afterwards. Around 6:45 we were
going through our white pages in Falls church and felt inspired to go
to one street. We talked to a nice Indian man, but he was busy. So we
went down to the next street and the next place we went there were to
girls our age. We started talking about the gospel and they didn't
seem too interested and said they were busy painting. The bells go if
in a missionary brain and we offered to help them out. To our surprise
they actually let us help them. One of their friends was planning on
proposing to one of their sisters on Sunday, so they were helping him
out. They were painting some banners with the words: will you marry
me? Of course, because it was a wedding proposal. That was pretty
obvious, sorry, haha. But we helped them out with all of that and got
to know them pretty well. When we were finishing up they started
asking questions about the church and we got to teach the entire
restoration and they loved it and we are going back soon. It was a
pretty cool day and we were exhausted by the end of the night.

Sunday finished off the week with a bang, because we got some
investigators to a baptism and then we had a charla fogonera in
Sudley. I got to see a bunch of my Sudley family and my Little River
family too. It was a fantastic week and I know that there are prepared
people in the world and sometimes white pages helps you find them :)
love you all!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

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