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November 5, 2015

YES! I'M BACK IN LITTLE RIVER! I was transferred last week as expected and it was sad to say goodbye to so many people that I love and so many great investigators, but if I had to be transferred anywhere I'm glad that I'm back in Little River. There have been a few changes since the last time that I was here, the biggest one being that my companion and I are the only Hermanas in the ward because they closed the other side. So Hermana Villanueva and I are covering the entire ward! Its been pretty fun because we're living in Annandale and mainly working on this side, but  we get to go to the other side whenever we want! That means that I get to go see all of the people that I taught before that the other Hermanas stopped visiting :) And of course I'm with the Deza family and I get to find Rolando. So these next few transfers are going to be really fun! I feel so lucky that I got to start my mission in Little River and end it here too. By the time I go home, half of my mission will have been in Little River :)

Okay, so my companion is Hermana Villanueva and she is from Mexico. My first (and last) native companion. Its kind of weird because really this is the first companion I have had--other than my trainer--that speaks more Spanish than me, and its been a bit of an adjustment, but its been fun! We have seriously been so busy and I don't even know what to tell you all about. Last week we found 11 new investigators and we have a lot of investigators that are progressing and coming to church and all that stuff, so there is hardly any time to think! I've been so exhausted coming home every day and its the best.

Friday night there was a ward party for the kids and we got to go for a little bit to see some investigators and less actives, and that night I got to see all of the members again :) I mainly heard Welcome back and welcome home. I feel like being back here is preparing me to keep doing missionary work even when I come back to California.

On Saturday, since it was Halloween we went to a member's house (the same one as last year) and watched a movie. I don't know how popular it was, its called the Cokeville Miracle, produced by the church. It was really good, but since we are all really sensitive as missionaries it was a pretty scary movie. It was about a man who has a bomb in an elementary school and has them all hostage for $2 million each. But all of them survived except the bad guy and they talk about how each child saw angels and their parents figured out that they were their ancestors that helped them. It was really powerful and you should all watch it!

Tuesday we had a General Authority come, Elder Perkins, and we had a conference with him. It was amazing and I learned so much! The spirit was so strong the whole time and I got so many answers. I loved every minute!

So this is my first time on my mission as a normal missionary and I love it so much. I have always been either training a missionary or I was a Sister Training Leader. But now, I don't have to worry about anyone except my own investigators! And my current companion is going home in December, just one transfer before me, so she's good to go too. Its been really nice :) Also, I feel like I'm just repeating everything from last year, because I was here for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's and I will be again. Just this time I know what I'm doing and I can actually speak the language--somewhat. I thought my Spanish was good, but everyday I realize that I don't speak it very well. But its okay, because I'm improving and that's my goal.

Love you all! I hope you have a great week and that you continue to build your testimonies and help the missionaries :)

 Hermana Moberly

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