Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another One From Me :)

November 16, 2015

Here we are again, but this time my sister is married! Congratulations Cory and Eric :) My week probably wasn't as exciting as yours, but it was still really good!

So last Monday after emailing we went to Great Falls again, but we went with Hermanas Bliss and Tate and a few sisters too. It was super fun! I'd send some pictures, but I don't have any yet...but when I get them I will send them :)

Most days we have a lot of set appointments and we have everything planned out for what we want to teach people, but one day this week ended up a little different. We had planned on teaching the restoration a few times, but when we got there it was not what the families needed, so we switched it all up, but the Spirit was there guiding us and it worked out perfectly and our people are progressing. I love how it works like that. Even if we think we know what we need to do God provides a way for us to figure out what these people really need.

We had a zone conference this week, which was super awesome as they always are and I didn't have to present anything, so that was really nice :) It went WAY longer than we had planned, so that messed a couple things up in our day, but we left uplifted and edified and we had received revelation, so I can't complain! President Huntsman is awesome and I love him :)

We went on splits twice this week and we saw some miracles. We can get so much done when we are both working in different places at the same time! And the members are great and so willing to help us out. I went with Hermana Cisneros on Tuesday and we found a new investigator. And Thursday night I went with Hermana Barbosa and her two sons and taught a really good lesson to Luis. We started the lesson and he said that he had never felt the Holy Ghost before while praying, reading, nothing, ever. So we opened up the scriptures and read about the fruits of the Spirit. By the end of the lesson he realized that he feels it every time that he prays. So this week he will be paying more attention to those feelings and searching for an answer to everything.

We visited a couple people this week that I had taught previously, one of them being Seyda. We retaught the restoration and she recognized all of it, but couldn't really remember what we were talking about. But now she is preparing to get baptized. We don't have a date yet, but its going to happen soon :)

Yessenia got baptized!!!!!!!!!! It was the most perfect baptism and she is so happy!! Also, we got 12 referrals that night on top of everything, so we were feeling on top of the world. God is so good and he really loves each and every one of us :)

Good news! Rolando came to church this week!! He called me a few times this week and since he's finally back in Virginia we're going to be working with him a lot :) He needs a calling, a patriarchal blessing, and everything else so that he can go through the temple in February, but we're getting there :)

Miracles continue :) I hope that everyone had a good week and didn't miss me too much at the wedding ;) I love this work and I am so grateful for the short time that I have to be a part of it. Thank you for your prayers! I'm going to need all I can get so I can sprint to the end. Love you!

 Hermana Moberly

Yessenia's Baptism!

Annandale and Springfield Zones

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